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Este tema está bien para aprender mas vocabulario y expresiones
Ver vocabulario en español mas abajo

Life is an adventure. 1.) Either you take risks because you´re not 2.) afraid of making changes, or you find yourself 3.) uncertain about taking the first 4.) step....because the first step is always the 5.) hardest.
Do this questionaire to 6.) find out if you do take risks, or you prefer to 7.) take it easy and have a 8.) quiet life.

CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER FOR YOU  = Escoger la mejor respuesta para ti
1.) Your boss 9.kicks up a fuss for something you didn´t do
a. You consider 10.) looking for a job the next day
b. You 11.) put up with the situation
c. You try to 12.) talk it over with your 13.) boss and 14.) sort out the problem

2.) Your dream has 15.) come true and you´ve 16.) won a lot of money in the lottery
a. You put the money in the bank because the future is uncertain
b. 17.) Set up your own 18.) business
c. You´ll will do something very special, 19.) like taking a long holiday or buy a new car

3.) You have planned a vacation with some friends, but at the last moment they 20.) let you down and they can´t go. What do you do?
a. Change the 21.) date for another time
b. Convince someone in your family to go with you
c. You`ll do everything in your power to find someone to go with you because you don´t want to go 22.) alone; nobody is going to 23.) mess up your plans

4.) You´re the kind of person that when you have some extra money....
a. You invest it in the 24.) stock market
b. You prefer to be 25.) advised by experts before doing anything
c. Prefer to 26.) save your money 27.) just in case

5.) You´re going to organize a party and invite some people
a. You will be the best 28.) host and you will have 29.) everything organized
b. You will prepare something, but you will also improvise
c. You 30.) spend all the month 31.) in advance 32.) getting everything ready to the last detail

6.) Your friends 33.) fix you up with a 34.) blind date. How do you react?
a. It depends on the 35.) mood I´m in and if  36.) I feel like going
b. You don´t go 37.) unless you have some 38.) reliable information about the person
c. Why not? I could 39.) meet my 40.) better half

7.) You have a 41.) steady job, but some friends suggest 42.) setting up a fantastic business 43.) together
a. You 44.) leave your job and start a new adventure
b. You 45.) think it over for a while. You don´t want to make a big 46.) mistake
c. You find a lot of reasons to 47.) turn down the offer

8.) You´re thinking about your ideal trip for 10 days
a. You go to a remote place where there are not many people
b. 48.) Just go to a nice beach and 49.) get tanned
c. Take your dream vacation that you´ve always thought about

9.) You plan to celebrate your birthday in a nice house in the mountains, but the 50.) weather is changing and it 51.) might snow
a. You make another plan which will be 52.) safer
b. You wait until the last moment in case the weather changes
c. You 53.) look forward to going and being in the mountains and nothing is going to ruin your plans

10.) You´re thinking about doing some kind of plastic surgery, but the specialist doesn´t 54.) advise it
a. You get a second opinion
b. Nobody is going to 55.) change your mind
c. You 56.) trust the specialist´s opinion and decide not to do anything

      A     B     C
1.  10     5      0
2.   0      5      10
3.   5      0      10
4.   10    5       0
5.    0    10     0
6.    5     0      10
7.   10    5       0
8.   10    0       5
9.    0     5      10
10.  5    10      0

0  - 40
You´re excessively 57.) cautious. You think 58.) too much before taking the initiative and this 59.) prevents you from 60.) reaching your objectives

45  - 75
You like to assume 61.) challenges but always taking into consideration consequences. It´s possible you let some good opportunities 62.) pass you by, although you always 63.) bet on a sure thing

80  - 100
You´re 64.) brave and you know how to 65.) face up to life with all its consequences. Being 66.) courageous and positive are 67.) values in your 68.) way of being and 69.) therefore helps you in everything you 70.) embark on. You are 71.) used to achieving success, but if something doesn´t exactly 72.) go right, you take the necessary steps to confront it and always 73.) keep moving ahead

1. Either  = o
2. Afraid = miedo
3. Uncertain  = inseguro
4. Step   = paso
5. Hardest  = mas difícil
6. Find out  = averiguar
7. Take it easy  = tomarlo con calma
8. Quiet  = Tranquila
9. Kick up a fuss = monta un numero 
10. Looking for  = buscando
11. Put up = aguantar
12. Talk it over  = discutirlo
13. Boss  = jefe
14. Sort out  =  solucionar
15. Come true  = hacerse realidad
16. Won  = ganado
17. Set up  = montar
18. Business  = negocio
19. Like taking a long holiday  = tomar unas largas vacaciones
20. Let you down  = defraudar
21. Date  =  fecha
22. Alone  = solo
23. Mess up  = fastidiar
24. Stock market  = la bolsa
25. Advised  = aconsejado
26. Save =  ahorrar
27. Just in case  = por si acaso
28. Host  = anfitrión
29. Everything  = todo
30. Spend  = pasas
31. In advance  = por adelantado
32. Getting everything ready  = consiguiendo todo listo
33. Fix you up  =   buscarte un novio / novia
34. Blind date  = cita ciega
35. Mood I´m in  = humor que estoy
36. I feel like  = me apetece
37. Unless  = al menos que
38. Reliable  = fiable
39. Meet  = conocer
40. Better half  = media naranja
41. Steady job  = trabajo fijo
42. Setting up  = montar (negocio)
43. Together = juntos
44. Leave  = abandonar  / dejar
45. Think it over for a while  = pensarlo un rato
46. Mistake  = error
47. Turn down the offer = rechazar la oferta
48. Just  = simplemente
49. Get tanned  = broncearte
50. Weather  = tiempo
51. Might snow = podría nevar
52. Safer  = mas seguro
53. Look forward to  = tener ilusión de
54. Advise  = aconsejar
55. Change your mind  = cambiar de pensar
56. Trust  = confiar
57. Cautious  = cauteloso
58. Too much  = demasiado
59. Prevents  = impide
60. Reaching  = alcanzar
61. Challenges  = retos
62. Pass you by =  te pasa por alto
63. Bet = apuestas
64. Brave  = valiente
65. Face up  = afrontar
66. Courageous  (sinónimo de "brave") = valiente 
67. Values  = valores
68. Way of being  = froma de ser
69. Therefore  = por tanto
70. Embark on = embarcas en
71. Used to achieving success  = acostumbrado tener éxito
72. Go right  = salir bien
73. Keep moving ahead  = seguir 

One of my favorite songs by The Rolling Stones is "I can´t get no satisfaction"
*Recordar con los gerundios en las canciones no se le ponen la "G"; porque en las canciones no se pronuncia esa terminación de "ing"
Y también está la palabra "because" = porque - en canciones se lee "cause"; lo cual es mas coloquial

Lyrics                                                                Translation by ajm
I can't get no satisfaction,                                  No puedo conseguir ninguna satisfacción
I can't get no satisfaction.                                  No puedo conseguir ninguna satisfacción
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.            Porque lo intento y lo intento y lo intento
I can't get no, I can't get no.                              No consigo no, no consigo
When I'm *drivin' in my car                                 Cuando estoy conduciendo mi coche    
and that man comes on the radio                       y ese hombre sale en la radio
and he's tellin' me more and more                      y me dice mas y cada vez mas
about some useless information                         acerca de información inútil que
supposed to fire my imagination.                        se supone que encienda mi imaginación
I can't get no, oh no no no.                                 No puedo conseguir ninguna
Hey hey hey, that's what I say.                           Hey hey hey, ese es lo que digo
I can't get no satisfaction,                                   No consigo ninguna satisfacción
I can't get no satisfaction.                                   No consigo ninguna satisfacción
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.             Porque lo intento y lo intento y lo intento
I can't get no, I can't get no.                               No consigo ninguna, no consigo ninguna
When I'm watchin' my TV                                     Cuando estoy viendo la tele
and that man comes on to tell me                       y aquel hombre sale para decirme
how white my shirts can be.                                lo blanco mis camisas pueden estar
Well he can't be a man                                        Bueno no puede ser un hombre
'cause he doesn't smoke                                     porque no fuma
the same cigarrettes as me.                                los mismos cigarrillos que yo
I can't get no, oh no no no.                                 No consigo ninguna
Hey hey hey, that's what I say.                           Hey hey hey, eso es lo que digo
I can't get no satisfaction,                                    "                "                   "
I can't get no girl with action.                               No consigo ninguna chica que quiera marcha
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.               Porque lo intento y lo intento
I can't get no, I can't get no.                                "               "                 "
When I'm ridin' round the world                            Cuando viajo por el mundo
and I'm doin' this and I'm signing that                   y hago esto y firmo eso
and I'm tryin' to make some girl                             y intento ligarme a alguna chica
who tells me baby better                                       que me dice, nena mejor
come back later next week                                     que vuelvas la próxima semana
'cause you see I'm on losing streak.                      Porque tengo una mala racha
I can't get no, oh no no no.                                    "                "             "
Hey hey hey, that's what I say.                              "                "             "
I can't get no, I can't get no,                                  "                "             "
I can't get no satisfaction, 
no satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction.     "                "             "

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