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213. "WORK Y JOB"

"Working in a mine sucks" = Trabajar en una mina es una mierda

Muchas veces se confunde las palabras "WORK" y "JOB"
 "WORK" , se usa como sustantivo y como verbo

Una cosa es decir "Estoy buscando trabajo"  
I´m looking for work

o "Quiero un buen trabajo"
I want a good job

"Job", significa mas bien un puesto de trabajo o un empleo

Ejemplos de "WORK"como sustantivo:
- I have a lot of work = Tengo mucho trabajo
- Where´s your sister? She´s at work = ¿Donde está tu hermana? Está en el trabajo
- I go to work by bicycle = Voy al trabajo en bici
- I finished all my work = Terminé todo mi trabajo
- He put a lot of work into it = Puso mucho empeño en ello
- I start work at 8.00 = Entro a trabajar a las ocho
- I have his complete works  = Tengo sus obras completas
- Susan is looking for work  = Susan está buscando trabajo
- Pepe is out of work = Pepe está sin trabajo 
- Let your legs do the work = Deja que tus piernas hagan el esfuerzo

- Lets get to work = Manos a la obra
- It´s all in a day´s work = Es el pan nuestro de cada día
- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy = El trabajo sin reposo convierte el hombre en un soso
- It might work  = Puede que resulte
It works both ways = El beneficio es mutuo
Don´t worry. I´m working on it  = No te preocupes. Estoy en ello

Ejemplos de "WORK" como verbo

- I have to work this saturday = Tengo que trabajar este sabado
- I prefer not to work on Sunday  = Prefiero no trabajar los domingos
- He works the night shift   = Trabaja el turno de noche
- Jaime works as a teacher = Jaime trabaja como profesor
- Both of us work in a hospital = Los dos trabajamos en un hospital
- She´s working for herself = Trabaja por cuenta propia 
- My computer doesn´t work = Mi ordenador no funciona
- Things haven´t worked out for her lately = Las cosas no le han salido bien ultimamente

Una expresion
- A lot of people are working for peanuts  = Mucha gente trabajan por una miseria
Peanuts = cacahuetes

"Being a pilot can be a stressful job"

Ejemplos de "JOB" como sustantivo

- What kind of job are you looking for?  = ¿Que clase de trabajo estás buscando?
  - I like my job  = Me gusta mi trabajo
- I never drink on the job  = Nunca bebo cuando estoy trabajando
- I have to travel a lot in my job = Tengo que trabajar mucho en mi trabajo
- You´re doing a good job = Estás haciendo un buen trabajo 
- The government must create new jobs  = El gobierno debe crear nuevos puestos de trabajo
- It´s your job to call clients  = Es tu responsabilidad de llamar a los clientes
- Elena had a nose job  = Le operaron la nariz a Elena
- I´m only doing my job  = Solo cumplo con mi deber
- We think you´re the right person for this job  = Pensamos que eres la persona idonea para este puesto


Poner "work or job" en cada frase(ver solucion abajo) 
1. He doesn´t like his ................
2. She likes to.............. late
3. How long have you had your.........?
4. I´m looking for a high paying ..............
5. Let´s get back to...................
6. You did a good.............., Juan
7. How long are you out of ...................?
8. It´s all in a day´s....................
9. I´ll finish...................late
10. It´s not my tell you what to do
11. 600 € a month is low paying..................
12. Are you the right person for the...................?
13. My computer doesn´t....................
14. I need a nose..............
15. Don´t worry. Everything will ....................out fine
16. My  = una mierda
17. I´m sorry, but I´m only doing my.............
18. Juan is out of............

Translation exercise(ver solucion abajo)

1. ¿Que clase de trabajo tienes?
2. ¿Cuantos trabajos tienes?
3. Tu responsabilidad es vender esta marca de café
4. No me gusta mi trabajo
5. Solo trabajo las tardes
6. De hecho, estoy hasta el gorro de este trabajo
7. Trabajo por una miseria (usar el presente continuo)
 8. Volvemos al trabajo
9. Trabaja como secretaria (usar el presente continuo)
10. No hay puestos de trabajo para jovenes
11. No te preocupes. Todo saldrá bien
12. Nunca bebo cuando trabajo
13. No funciona mi portatil
14. Has hecho un buen trabajo
15. ¿De que trabajas?
16. No me dijeron nada sobre el trabajo que iba a hacer
17. Estoy sin trabajo y me estoy volviendo loco

Bruce Springsteen sings "I´m working on a dream " = Trabajo en un sueño

Exercise solution
1. job  2. work  3. job  4. job  5. work  6. job  7. work  8. work  9. work  10. job  11. job  12. job  
13. work  14. job  15. work  16. job  17. job  18. work

Translation  exercise

1. What kind of job do you have?
2. How many jobs do you have?
3. Your job is to sell this coffee brand
4. I don´t like my job 
5. I only work in the afternoon
6. In fact, I´m fed up with this job 
7. I´m working for peanuts
8. Let´s get back to work
9. I´m working as a secretary
10. There aren´t any jobs for young people
11. Don´t worry. Everything will work out fine
12. I never drink on the job
13. My laptop doesn´t work
14. You´ve done a good job
15. What do you do?
16. They didn´t tell me anything about the work I was going to do
17. I´m out of work and I´m going nuts

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There was a man who often got angry. He was so fed up with this situation, he decided to find a solution to his problem. His friend told him to see an old wise man who lived on top of a mountain and who knew everything about the human soul.
When the man climbed up to the mountain and stood in front of the wise man, he asked him, "I often suffer from rage attacks and it´s ruining my life."
"I know I have a strong character, so I ´d like you to tell me how I can change"
The wise man said, "I know what makes you angry". The next time you get very angry, I want you to come running to me climbing the mountain."
After some days, the man felt angry again, so he immediately went running up the mountain.
As the wise man lived on top of a mountain, it took the poor man an hour to climb to the top...and when he finally arrived, he wasn´t angry anymore because he was so tired.
A few days passed and he was angry once more. He climbed the mountain so fast that when he reached the top he dropped to his knees because he was so worn out.
The wise man then told him, "I think you´re pulling my leg". If rage was really part of your character, you could show it to me. Your rage engulfs you and then it leaves you"
Therefore, the solution is easy: "The next time rage takes control of you, simply ignore it.

- Got angry = enfadaba
- Fed up with = harto con
- Wise = sabio
- Soul  = alma
- Climbed up  = escaló
- Rage = ira
- I´d like  = me gustaria
- Makes you  = te hace
- Took  = tardó
- Top = cima
- Anymore  = ya no mas
- Once more  = una vez mas
- Reached  = alcanzó
- Dropped to his knees  = se cayó de rodillas 
- Worn out  = agotado
- Pulling my leg  = tomando el pelo
- Engulfs = asalta
- Leaves = abandona

Here´s a Song called "Angry all the time" = Siempre enfadado


'Fucking'  comes from the verb Fuck. Both of these words are commonly used by Americans. It´s used to give emphasis to the title. For example you can say; It´s 'fucking' expensive, or It´s fucking good... or it´s fucking cold.
I want to speak about "fucking fracking"
It started in the United States and has spread to Europe. I wonder if people know anything about it. Well, mainly it is drilling and penetrating the earth´s surface, inserting tubes and filling them with dangerous chemicals to extract gas. Sometimes, the petrol companies drill up to 3000 meters just to suck up the natural gas in the rocks moving a lot of rocks and sand.
The big problem is that by moving the earth below, means that the weight that was above these layers of rock, will simply start to move...and when it moves it causes earthquakes.
The Spanish government has approved more than 57 fracking projects, mainly in the north of Spain.
Let´s see how long it takes before the north starts having earthquakes.
There was a fracking project in Ohio, USA, and soon after started to have more than 400 tiny earthquakes in a three month period, according to scientists.
Therefore, hydraulic fracking has the potential to trigger earthquakes in the near future. The other day, the area of Alicante experienced a tiny earthquake. Could this be the beginning of a bigger earthquake one day?
Is it really necessary to put people´s lives in danger by tampering with our planet Earth?
There are natural safe renewable energies like the sun, wind, biomass, biogas, geothermal, hydropower and offshore wind and wave energy.
It seems that man will never learn and one day our beautiful planet earth will experience serious problems, such as more climate change, dangerous pollution levels and very serious major earthquakes all over the world...only because man believes that 'money makes the world go round'. 

- Fucking = jodiendo 
- Fucking expensive = super caro
- Fucking good = riquísimo
- It´s fucking cold = hace un frio que pela
- Fucking fracking = fracking de mierda
- Spread  = extendido
- Wonder = me pregunto
- Mainly = principalmente
- Drilling = perforando
- Suck up = succionar
- Layers = capas
- Earthquakes = terremotos
- How long = cuanto tiempo
- Takes = tarda
- Tiny = pequeñitos
- Therefore = por tanto
- Trigger = provocar
- Tampering = mainpulando
- Seems = parece que
- Such as = tal como

A fuuny video about the origin and use of the word "FUCK"