miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

360. The apple of my eye

  • The apple of my eye

    When you feel hungry, eat an apple. There are so many varieties and colors to choose from.
    The apple of my eye
    Before eating it, hold it in your hand and see how beautiful it is.
    Eating an apple will make you feel good, and it´s good for your health.
    You can eat one or two apples a day, and they won´t make you fat.
    Apples are considered the miracle food.The phytonutrients and antioxidants in applesmay help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.
    Eating apples is also good for the brain. Studies show it can lower the risk of getting Alzheimer´s disease.
    Another study shows that eating apples together with raisins, pears and blueberries can also prevent you from getting diabetes.
    Other scientific studies show that it´s good to eat the apple seeds to kill cancer cells. 
    I enjoy eating “Fuji” apples. They are developed in Japan, and they are a cross of the American red delicious.
    Fuji apples are crisp, sweet and keep well.
    Another variety of apples I like eating are “Pink ladies”.
    Baking yellow apples in the oven and adding a little honey and cinnamon on top of them is a delicious dessert.
    There are curious sayings using the word "apple".
    Here are some:
    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Una manzana diaria es cosa sana
    “She´s the apple of my eye”  = Ella es la niña de mis ojos
    “As American as apple pie” = Tipicamente americano
    “Be an apple polisher” = hacerle la pelota a alguien
    “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch” = Una manzana podrida echa ciento a perder
    Sotake an apple with you when you go to work. Put it on your table in the morning and see how beautiful it is.
    It will make you feel happier, knowing that you will enjoy eating it when you start feeling hungry.

    feel hungry = sientes hambriento
    so many = tantas
    choose = elegir
    hold = sostener
    make you feel good = te hace sentir bien
    health = salud
    may = puede que
    brain = cerebro
    lower = bajar
    raisans = pasas
    blueberries = arándanos
    getting = coger
    seeds = semillas
    crisp = cruijente
    keep well = se mantienen bien
    baking = hornear
    cinnamon = canela
    some = algunas
    dessert = postre
    sayings = dichos
    so = así que
    take = llevate

    James Brown canta " I feel good"  = Me siento bien

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domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016

359. Alan´s Translation 3

Prueba con esta traducción nivel intermedio B2. (Ver mi solución mas abajo)

Por fin compré el regalo de cumpleaños de Bea. Había estado casi un mes buscando el regalo perfecto para ella. No era fácil. Como es mi amiga desde que tenia los once años, quería que mi regalo fuese el mas bonito.
Se que le gusta los collares que cuelgan  por encima de un o jersey o una blusa.
Fuí a muchos sitios, pero no veía ningún collar que realmente me gustaba.
Faltaba una semana para el cumpleaños, y aún no tenia ningún regalo.

Un dia mi amigo Juan me llamó y me dijo si quería ir con unos amigos a un pueblo donde iban a tener un mercado medieval el fin de semana.
Juan tiene un amigo que vive alli y tiene una casa de campo bastante grande. Dice que nos podemos quedar a dormir alli. También dice que el mercado mola.

El sábado por la tarde cuando mis amigos estaban en el bar tomando algo, me hice un paseo por el mercado medieval.
Me parecía que realmente estaba en otro siglo porqué la gente y la música era de otra época.

Había por lo menos 150 puestos.
Mientras estaba comiendo algo en uno de ellos, vi una chica vestida de Romana en un puesto delante de mi. Ella estaba haciendo un collar que me gustaba.....así que me fui a echar un vistazo.
Vendía todo tipo de collares hechos a mano por ella. Por fin había encontrado un sitio donde tenia los collares que estaba buscando. Compré el mas bonito.

The Beatles sing "I saw her standing there"

I finally bought Bea´s birthday present. I had been almost a month looking for the perfect gift for her.
It wasn´t easy. As she´s my friend since I was eleven years old, I wanted my gift to be the most beautiful.
I know she likes necklaces which hang over a sweater or a blouse.
I went to a lot of places, but I didn´t see any necklace which I really liked.
One week was left for her birthday, and I still didn´t have a present.

One day, my friend Juan called me and told me if I wanted to go with some friends to a village where they were going to have a medieval market at the weekend.

Juan has a friend who lives there and has a rather big country house. He says we can stay there to sleep.
He also says that the market is really cool.

On Saturday night when my friends were in the bar having a drink, I had a walk around the medieval market.

I really felt like I was in another century because people and the music was of another time.

There were at least one hundred and fifty stands.
As I was eating something in one of them, I saw a girl dressed as a Roman in a stand in front of me.
She was making a necklace that I liked.....so I went to have a look.
She sold all kinds of hand-made necklaces made by her. 
At last I had found a place where they had the necklace I was looking for. I bought the most beautiful one.