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396. MY WAY

La palabra “WAY” tiene muchos significados:

Se pronuncia (WEI), como la terminación del perro gracioso “Shar-pei”
WAY :significa Manera o Forma
- El titulo de mi artículo es "MY WAY"  = a mi manera
Ejemplos con WAY
-What is the best way to do it?  = Cual es la mejor manera de hacerlo
-The way you told me isn´t right   =  La forma que me lo has dicho no está bien
WAY tambien significa: camino o direccion
What´s the best way to go to the VILLAGE?= Cual es el mejor camino para ir al pueblo?
We took the shortest way  =Tomamos el camino mas corto
Tambien hay expresions con WAY:
-This way  =  por aquí
-That way = por alli´
-No way  = de ninguna manera
-On the way home, I stopped at the supermarket  = De camino a casa, me paré en el supermercado
-Toll way  =peaje
-I saw my friend on the way out  = Vi a mi amigo a la salida
-I will take you. It´s on my way  =Te llevo. Está de camino
-I´m on my way  =Estoy de camino
-There are no two ways about it  = No hay vuelta de hoja
-Don´t go out of your way  = No te tomes muchas molestias
-These boxes are in the way  =Esta cajas estorban
-It´s on my way  = Me pilla de paso
- I will be away  = estaré fuera
-Am I in your way?  = ¿Te estorbo?
-Get out of the way  =Quítate de en medio / Hazte a un lado
-It´s that way  =Es en esa direccion
-Make way  =Abran paso
-Which way did they go?  = ¿Por donde fueron?
-Look the other way  = Mira para otro lado
-Nothing is going my way  = Nada me sale como yo quiero
-It´s a long way from here  =Queda muy lejos de aquí
-You have come a long way  = Has venido de muy lejos
-You still have a long way to go  =Aun te queda mucho camino para recorrer
-Okay. Let´s do it your way!  = Vale. Lo hacemos a tu manera!
-In some ways, I agree with you = En algunos aspectos, estoy de acuerdo contigo
-Throw away  = tirar
Ademas, hay muchas palabras que se pronuncian con el sonido “ei” o al principio o la terminación de la palabra:
El sonido “ei” se usa en el valenciano tambien: Es el mateix  = Es lo mismo
Spain  (Spein)  = España
Day  (dei)= dia
Today (tudei) =  hoy
Rain  (rein) = llover
Far away (far awei)= lejos
Tray (trei) = bandeja
Say  (sei) = decir
Pay (pei) = pagar
Weigh (wei) = pesar
May (mei) = mayo 
Hey!  (jei) = oye! (para llamar la atencion a alguien)
Bay (bei)  =bahía
Train  (trein)  = tren
Plane  (plein)  = avion
Delay (dilei)  =retraso
Shade ( sheid)  =  sombra
Take  (teik)  = llevar / tomar
Bake  (beik)  asar
Fake  (feik)  = falso
Make  (meik)  = hacer
Wake up (weikap) = despertarse
Lay down (lei daun)  =tumbarse
Highway  (jaiwei) = autovia
Behave  (bijeiv)  = comportarse
Away (awei)  = fuera
Main (mein) = principal
Complain  (kamplein)  = quejarse
Train (trein)  = entrenar  
Sleigh (slei)  = trineo
Wave (weiv) = ola
A READING WITH THE WORD "WAY" = Una lectura con la palabra "WAY"
There are a lot of ways to be happy.
The most important is to like yourself. You are unique. There is nobody else like you in this world.
Therefore you are a very special person and should know that you have many good things to offer and do in this life. So, you must be your best friend.
Walk in the countryside, forests, mountains and along the beach.
Breathe deeply and be one with nature and feel its energy flowing through your body.
Being in nature makes you more creative and resets your system.
Feel the sun warm your body and spirit.
It´s a good idea to have a hobby or play a sport that you like. Go swimming, rollerskating, ride a bicycle. It´s a good way to quiet the mind.
Learn a language like English, Spanish or Chinese. You can also join a singing club.
It is said that when you sing, you feel happier and more peaceful.  Research says that singing is very good for your health and makes you feel happier and more alive.
We can use our voice not just for talking, but also for singing. It´s important to be feel your body when you sing. It vibrates with energy.
There are so many hobbies people can do like: painting, photography, gardening, writing, and traveling.
Learning how to play an instrument is fun and it can be a way to make you sing, especially if you can play the piano or the guitar.
If we do all these things, we will feel better and not have so much anxiety or feel stressed.
It is very important to take care of yourself.
Besides doing exercise or playing a sport, you should also know what kind of food is good for you to be healthy.
Be careful eating fatty food. Eat a lot of fruit….like apples, oranges and strawberries...
and also eat a lot of vegetables.
There are two sayings in English: “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
And remember: “We are what we eat”. It´s so important to eat well to feel good.
Drink a lot of water to clean your lungs.
Smoking is bad for your health….so don´t smoke. It´s better to breathe fresh air when you  go walking, running, swimming, or riding your bicycle.
Avoid eating too much sugar. There are a lot of health problems due to sugar.
Well, I´m sure these are good ways that can make you feel happier with yourself.
“A healthy mind healthy body”  = Mente sana cuerpo sano

There are  = hay
Ways  = maneras
Yourself  = con tu mismo
Nobody else  = nadie mas
Like  = como
Therefore  = por tanto
Should  = deberías
So  = asi que
Must  = debes
Best  = mejor
Countryside  = campo
Along  = por
Breathe deeply  = respirar profundamente
Its  = su
Through  = atraves
Resets  = formatea
Rollerskating  = patinaje
Quiet  =  silenciar
Mind  = mente
Learn  = aprender
Join  = apuntarte
It is said  = se dice
Peaceful  = tranquilo
Alive  = vivo
Research  = estudios
Health  = salud
Voice  = voz
Not just  = no solo
Also  = tambien
There are so many  = hay tantas
Fun  = divertido
Way  = manera 
Better  = mejor
So much  = tanta
Take care of yourself  =  cuidate
Besides  = ademas de
Should  = deberias
Kind  = tipo
Healthy  = saludable
Be careful  = ten cuidado
Fatty  = grasosa
Sayings  = dichos
Lungs  = pulmones
Better  = mejor
Avoid  = evitar
Too much  = demasiada
A lot of  = muchas / muchos
Due to  = debido a

Frank Sinatra canta: My way

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Two homeless men lived together in the outskirts of a city. They lived in an old run down building.
One of them was lame and the other person was blind.
They went to the city everyday to beg for money to buy some food.
The problem was, that they always had serious arguments to get the best corner to ask for money; instead of helping each other.
But one night, the building caught on fire because of a candle.

They knew they would lose everything they had….but the most important thing was to save themselves.
But, as one was lame and the other one blind, they would have serious difficulties coming out alive.

The lame man was thinking that possibly they still had a chance of escaping from the devastating fire. 
But as he was lame, there was no way he could get out running.
The blind man, on the other hand, had two strong legs….but he couldn´t see anything.

When they both knew they were soon going to be burnt alive, they realizedthat they needed one another to escape the flames.
The blind man decided that the best decision was was to carry his lame friend on his back. They would work together as a team.
The blind man would run and the lame man guided him where to go to avoid any kind of obstacles.

In the end they both finally came out alive from the building and were saved.
The moral is:
It´s wiser not to always argue about silly unimportant things. We all need one other in many ways for a common goal…….the most important is working and solving problems together to....SURVIVE.

Homeless  =  sin techo
Together  = juntos
Outskirts  =  las afueras
Run down  =  en ruinas
Lame  = cojo
Blind  = ciego
Everyday  = todos los dias
Beg  =  pedir (suplicar)
Arguments  = discusiones
Get   =  conseguir
Corner  =  esquina
Ask  = pedir (preguntar)
Each other  = el uno al otro
Caught on fire  = se encendió
Candle  = vela
Would lose  = perderian
Save themselves  = salvarse a ellos mismos
Would have  = tendrian
Coming out alive = salir vivos
Still had a chance  = aun tenian una oportunidad
There was no way  = no habia manera
Get out  = salir
On the other hand  = por otra parte
Couldn´t  = no podian
Both  = ambos
Realized  =  se dieron cuenta
Soon  = pronto
Burnt  alive  = quemados vivos
Realized  = se dieron cuenta
Flames  = llamas
Carry  =  llevar (portar)
Team  = equipo
Back  =  espalda
Together  = juntos
Would run  = correrian
Avoid any kind  =  evitar cualquier tipo
In the end  =  al final
both finally came out  =  finalmente ambos salieron
Alive  = vivos  
Wiser  =  mas sabio
Argue  =  discutir
Silly  = tontas
Each other  = el uno al otro
Goal  = objetivo
Survive  = sobrevivir

Listen to the song: Together we can change the world