lunes, 13 de mayo de 2019


Estos ejercicios sirven para mejorar la gramatica, los tiempos verbales y aprender mas vocabulario.
Y si tienes preguntas....pregunta me. 

1. Hace mucho calor para tomar el sol
2. Te puedes dañar la piel
3. Espero que no haga tanto calor este verano
4. No me gusta las olas de calor en absoluto
5. Es bueno llevar gafas se sol una gorra
6. Te vas a alguna parte este verano?
7. No lo se aun. Aun no se a donde quiero hacer
8. Quizas tendré que trabajar todo el verano
9. Por lo menos trabajare cerca de la playa
10. Trabajaré como camarera y las propinas son bastante buenas
11. Pagan bien?
12. Bastante bien si haces horas extra
13. Que suerte que tienes!
14. Estoy buscando un trabajo para este verano
15. Quiero ahorrar dinero para irme de vacaciones en Diciembre
16. Me dicen que es facil conseguir trabajo en Irlanda
17. No tengo ni idea. Sabes hablar inglés?
18. Creo que si. Tengo un B2 alto.
19. Es caro vivir en Irlanda?
20. No está mal. Puedes compartir un piso para ahorrar dinero
21. Hay muchos pubs en Dublin y la gente es muy amable
22. Los Irlandeses beben mucho y les encanta la musica. 
23. Trabaje en el Temple Bar hace tres años.
24. Siempre encontraba dinero por el suelo
25. Iban bastante borrachos 

An Irisg ballad "Danny boy"

Danny Boy
Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side.
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling,
It's you, it's you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow,
It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!
But when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
You'll come and find the place where I am lying,

Joven Daniel

Oh joven Daniel, las gaitas, las gaitas están sonando
De cañada a cañada, y en la falda de la montaña
El verano se ha ido, y todas las flores han muerto
Tu, tu debes marchar y yo debo quedarme.
Pero vuelve cuando el verano inunde el prado
O cuando el valle este en silencio y blanco por la nieve
Aquí estaré cuando brille el sol o en la penumbra
Oh joven Daniel, oh joven Daniel, te quiero tanto

Y si vienes, cuando todas las flores estén muertas
Y yo este muerta, pues puede que haya muerto
Vendrás y encontraras el lugar


1. It´s too hot to sunbathe
2. You can damage your skin
3. I hope it´s not so hot this summer
4. I don´t like heat waves at all
5. It´s good to wear sunglasses and a cap
6. Are you going anywhere this summer?
7. I don´t know yet. I still don´t know what to do
8. Perhaps I´ll have to work all summer
9. At least I´ll work near the beach
10. I´ll work as a waitress and tips are pretty good
11. Do they pay well?
12. Quite well if you work overtime
13. How lucky you are!
14. I´m looking for a job this summer
15. I want to save some money to go on vacation in December
16. People tell me it´s easy to get a job in Ireland
17. I have no idea. Can you speak English?
18. I think so. I have a high B2
19. Is it expensive to live in Ireland?
20. It´s not bad. You can share a flat to save some money.
21. There are a lot of pubs in Dublin and people are very nice
22. The Irish drink a lot and love music
23. I worked in The Temple bar three years ago
24. I always found money on the floor
25. They were quite drunk

sábado, 20 de abril de 2019


(Ver solucion mas abajo)

If you have any questions, just ask me

1. No me llames tan pronto
2. Me puedes recoger?
3. Te estaba esperando
4. Hace mal tiempo
5. Hace mucho viento
6. Me quedaré es casa y saldré esta noche
7. Tambien hace mucho frio
8. Me voy fuera la semana que viene
9. Voy a ver a mi amiga que vive Atenas
10.Vamos a alquilar una Vespa en lugar de un coche
11. Tengo muchas ganas de ir
12. Espero que haga buen tiempo
13. Nunca he viajado en avion
14. Ahora esta lloviendo mucho
15. Si llueve tanto esta noche, iré en coche

Listen to Garth Brooks sing "And the thunder rolls"

1. Don´t call me so early
2. Can you pick me up?
3. I was waiting for you
4. The weather´s bad
5. It´s very windy
6. I´ll stay home and go out this evening
7. It´s also very cold
8. I´m going away next week
9. I´m going to see my friend who lives in Athens
10.We´re going to rent a Vespa instead of a car
11.I´m really looking forward to going
12.I hope the weather´s nice
13. I´ve never traveled by plane
14. It´s raining a lot now
15. If it rains a lot tonight. I´ll go by car


Listen to the pronunciation and write down = (apuntar) new vocabulary words

406. Listen to Josh Brolin in Actors Studio


viernes, 19 de abril de 2019

405. Keanu Reeves and his motorcycles

Listen to Keanu Reeves talk about his motorcycles. He speaks slowly and clearly. Remember, the best way to improve your English is by listening and watching films or TV series in English.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019


There are a lot of different things people do in life. fact, simply waking up and still be alive to live another day is the biggest thrill.
What else is there that really makes you feel alive?

I can think think of a lot of things:

Image result for images: people doing different activities

- Walking along the beach
- Traveling
- Playing a musical instrument
- Singing
- Playing a sport
- Walking in the mountains

- Riding a bicycle in the counrtyside
- Doing Taichi or Yoga
- Cooking
- Going to the gym
- Going camping
- Swimming
- Running
- Writing
- Painting
- Photography
- Eating delicious food
- Dreaming
- Being with friends
- Making love
- Getting married and forming a family

Oh my God......there are so many things you can do to enjoy life and be happy

So, what do you like to do? Perhaps you like doing a lot of me.


One of the things that I love doing is riding my motorcycle in the countryside, in the hills, taking photographs and visiting remote country villages.

I like doing a lot of things....but something I enjoy is riding my classic custom motorcycle because she is beautiful and I like to feel the wind as I accelerate and the sun on my face.
Of course, you can ride a bicycle and feel the same thing....but it´s very different.

In a car you are inside a box. You see things passing by in a different way....and it can be boring.  

Riding a motrorcycle you are moving outside, and so you feel more connected with everything around you.

I don´t like to ride sport motorcycles because I don´t like to ride fast. 

I like to ride my motorcycle enjoying that special moment of what I am doing, seeing and feeling....and to do that one has to ride nice and easy.

Como veis uso el gerundio en el texto. Hay muchos verbos que se usan siempre en gerundio.
Ver el tema 164 (El Gerundio)


Waking up = despertarse
Still = todavia
Thrill = emocion
Else  = mas
So many  = tantas
Like  = como
How about = y (I Iike popcorn. How about you? = Me gusta las palomitas. Y tu?

*How about tambien significa " Que te parece?....y el verbo va en gerundio
How about going to the cinema tonight.  : Que te parece ir al cine esta noche?    

I´m hungry. How about eating Chinese food? : Tengo hambre. Que te parece comer comida china?

Nice and easy = (Expresion)  = con tranquilidad
It´s important to eat nice and easy. Some people eat to fast.
It´s better to ride your motorcycle nice and easy  = Es mejor ir en moto con tranquilidad

Frank Sinatra sings "Nice and easy"

domingo, 7 de abril de 2019


Once upon a time a widower lived with his two daughters. They were always curious about everything and were also very intelligent.
His daughters were always asking their father a lot of questions.
Sometimes he was able to answer their questions and other times it was impossible.

Of course, the father wanted the best education for his daughters.
Therefore he decided to send his girls on vacation to a very wise man who lived alone high up in a mountain.
This man always answered any kind of questions.

As the girls were so smart, they decided to ask a question which the wise man wouldn´t be able to answer.
One of the girls had an idea for a question.
One of the sisters caught a blue butterfly and told her sister to hold it in her hand and then ask the wise man if the butterfly was alive or dead. This way anyway he answers.... it will be wrong.

Image result for images: blue butterfly

So they went to the man to ask this question:
"Wise man, I´m holding a blue butterfly in my hand.
If you say the butterfly is dead, I will open my hand and let the butterfly fly, but if you say the butterfly is alive, I will squish and kill the butterfly.
Very camly the wise man said, "That depends on you...she is completely is in your hands"

The moral is that this is the way our life is, our present and our future.
We must never blame anyone when something goes wrong.
We are responsible for our achievements and our failures in life.
Our life is in our hands, just like the blue butterfly.
It´s up to us to choose what to do with the blue butterfly...let her fly or kill her.

- To go wrong  = salir mal
- It´s up to us  = es nuestra decision

To learn more vocabulary, look up words you don´t know in the dictionary and write them down in your notebook

Verbos frasales:
- Look up = buscar algo en el dicionario
- Write down  = apuntar

Michael Jackson canta "You give me butterflies"

A ver si sabes que quiere decir "You give me butterflies"

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2019


A bad joke

Joke (chouk) en ingles signfica chiste o una broma.
En este caso, el titulo del texto "A Bad joke" significa "Una broma de mal gusto
A bad joke

As it was a nice morning, a University student and a teacher went for a walk to buy a snack.
All the students considered the teacher as a good friend because he was a very kind man.
As they were walking, they saw a pair of old shoes on the ground.
The shoes belonged to a man who was working in his field.
Let´s play a joke on the man and hide his shoes. We can hide behind the bushes
so we can see the man´s reaction when he thinks that somebody took his shoes”.
“My dear friend, the teacher told the student.
We must never make fun of people who are poor.
You however are rich and can make this man happy.
Put a five dollar bill in each shoe?
We will hide behind the bushes and see his reaction”
The farmer finished his work and saw the money in his shoes.
He looked around but didn´t see anyone.
Then the man knelt down and looked up to heaven thanking God, explaining that his wife was ill and that sometimes it was difficult to feed his children.
The man also said thanks to the stranger, now he could buy food for his family.
The student who was very moved, started to cry.
Then, the teacher told the student: “Doesn´t it make you feel happier now?
How would the man feel if you had played that joke on him”?
Then the student said to the teacher: “You have taught me a lesson which I will never forget.
Now I understand something that I didn´t understand before.
It´s better to give than to receive”

Let´s = VAMOS "Let´s play a joke" = hacemos una broma
LET es el verbo permitir o dejar
"Let me help you"  = Permítime (dejame) que te auyde
Pero "LET´S tambien se usa en frases imperativas (dando ordenes)
- Let´s go  = Vamonos
- Let´s go the beach  = Vamomos a la playa
- Let´s have a drink  = Vamos a tomar algo
- Let him talk  = Dejale que hable
-Let me see it  = Dejame que lo vea
-Let me know  = Hazmelo saber
-Let me pay the bill  = Dejame que pague la cuenta  

Expresiones con LET
-Let bygones be bygones (let baigans bi baigans)  = Lo pasado, pasado está
-Let sleeping dogs lie  = No remover el asunto
-Let´s call it a day  = Basta por hoy
-Let the cat out of the bag  = Decubrir el pastel
-Let me get this straight (let mi get dis streit)  = A ver si lo entiendo bien
-Let´s get moving  = En marcha

As = mientras
Snack  = merienda
Kind  (kaind) = amable / bondadoso
Saw  = vieron
Ground  = suelo
Belonged  = pertenecia
Field  (fild) = campo
Let´s play a joke (lets plei a chouk)   = Le hacemos una broma
Hide  (haid) = escondernos
Bushes  = arbustos
So  = así
Took  = se llevaron 
Told  = le dijo
Make fun  (meik fan) = burlarse
However  (jauever) = sin embargo
Bill  = billete
Each  (ich)= cada
Hide  (jaid) = esconder
Finished = terminó
Saw  = vio
Looked around  = miró a su alreredor
Anyone  (eniwan) = nadie
Knelt down  (nelt daun) = arrodilló
Heaven (jeven) =   cielo
Ill  = enfermo
Sometimes  (samtaims) = aveces
Feed  = alimentar
Stranger  (streincher)  = desconocido
Could  (kud) = podia
Moved  (muvd) =  afectado
Then  = entonces
Cry (krai)  = llorar
Told  = dijo
Feel happier = sientes mas feliz
How would the man feel =  Que senteria el hombre
Played that joke on him = hecerle esa broma de mal gusto
Forget  = olvidaré
Understand  = comprendo
Better  = mejor

Elvis sings " Don´t be cruel