viernes, 8 de junio de 2018


A psychologist was giving a conference at the University.
He took an orange in his hand and asked a young boy who was seated in the front row:
“If I squeezed this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?”
“Orange juice, of course, said the boy!”
The psychologist asked him again: ”Do you think that apple juice would come out?”
“The boy laughed.  Are you pulling my leg,?” said the boy.
I told you orange juice would come out.
It´s an orange, not an apple.”
“And how about grapefruit,?” said the man.
No way. That´s impossible, and you´re crazy” said the boy.
Then, the psychologist asked the following question to everyone:
“Why not?
Why doesn´t apple juice come out when I squeeze an orange?” 
“It´s an orange. When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice.
That´s what´s inside the orange,” everyone said.
“Okay…fine. I agree with you” said the man.
“Let´s suppose that this isn´t a fruit, and it´s simply one of you.
Imagine someone squeezes one of you.
You feel the pressure of being squeezed and you don´t like it at all.
You will probably get very angry, feel hate, be bitter and be afraid.
Why do all these things come out when you are squeezed, said the psychologist?”
Because that´s what´s inside of us,” someone said.
If you squeeze an Isreali or a Palestinian, they are full of anger and not happy.
It is a very sad situation for many years.
If you squeeze a Catalan, who knows what comes out. 
They don´t seem to be very happy because they are a little lost.
Women are also not happy with men because of the way they are treated.

You can squeeze a lot of people, and many of them are not happy with their situation, because they can´t find a job after studying so many years, or their salary is so low that they can´t afford to rent or even buy an apartment. 
“This is one of the most important lessons of life that you must learn, said the psychologist.
If people are squeezed, there are a lot of unhappy, bitter, sad, greedy and angry people in the world.
“Tell me. Why do these negative feelings come out when you are squeezed so hard?
These negative feelings come out because that´s what´s inside of people.
What a person has inside of them only depends on oneself…that is your choice, said the man.
If a person only has anger or hate inside of them, then life will be hell.

To live a rewarding and meaningful life, one should fill oneself with two things:
"Love and Happiness”
Maybe it´s not easy at times. It depends on you to find the way
Hay muchas expresions útiles en ingles que se puede aprender facilmente..como:
- Are you pulling my leg = ¿Me estás tomando el pelo?
Aquí hay mas:
- A dead in job  = Un trabajo sin futuro 
- Red tape  = papeleo
- Traffic jam  = atasco
- A pain in the neck  =  Un pesado
- Fed up = harto / hasta las narices
- Drunk as a skunk = Borracho como una cuba
- Cost an arm and a leg  = costar un riñon
- Don´t lose heart  = No te desanimes

took = cogio
asked (askt) = preguntó
front row = primera fila
squeezed (skuised) = estrujar / apretar
as hard as I could  = tan fuerte que pudiera
would come out (wud kam aut)  = saldria
of course (af cors)  = por supuesto
again (agen) = de nuevo
laughed  (laft) = rió
are you pulling my leg  = me estás tomando el pelo
how about (jau abaut) = que te parece
grapefruit (greipfrut) = pomelo
no way  = de ninguna manera
following  = siguiente
get = obtienes / consigues
agree (agri)  = estoy de acuerdo
said  (sed)  = dijo
at all = en absoluto
be afraid  = tener miedo
full  = lleno de
anger  = enfado / ira
seem = parecen
a little  = un poco
find (faind)  = encuentran
Low (lou)  = bajo
can´t afford = no pueden permitirse
even (iven) = incluso
bitter  = amargado
greedy (gridi)  = avaricioso
so hard  = tan fuerte
what a = lo que
inside (ensiad) = dentro de
choice (choeis) = eleccion
hell = infierno
rewarding (riwording)  = gratificante
meaningful (miningfol)   = con sentido 
should fill = deberia llenar
maybe = quizas
at times = a veces
way = camino

El titulo se llama "Don´t squeeze me so much" (dont skuis mi sou mach) No me apretujes tanto
En el presente simple, se usa el verbo auxliliar "DO". La negacion es DO NOT o DON´T 
Se usa DO en preguntas en el presente simple: DO + sujeto + verbo en presente
Do you like strawberries? (du yu laik straberis)  = Te gusta las fresas? 
Do you smoke? ( du yu smouk= = Fumas?
Do you speak English? ( du yu spik English = Hablas ingles?
DON´T es para negar una frase
- I don´t like meat (ai dont laik mit) = No me gusta la carne
- I don´t know  (ai dont nou)  = No lo se
- I don´t have a job  (ai dont jav a chob) = No tengo un trabajo
So much significa tanto
- I have so much  work  = Tengo tanto trabajo 
- Pedro smokes so much  = Pedro fuma tanto
En la primera frase; so much va delante del sustantivo (work)
En la segunda, so much va detrás de un verbo (smoke)

Tracy Chapman canta: Give me one reason = Dame una razón