domingo, 7 de febrero de 2016

357. The most important part of the body

The most important part of the body

One day when I was a child my mother asked me:
"My child, what do you think is the most important part of the body?"
In those years as I was so young, the sounds of nature fascinated me and
so I told her; "My ears, mother".
Then she answered me: "No, you´re wrong.
A lot of people are deaf, but they are able to manage themselves every day on their own
very well."
Some years later when I was a little older, she asked me the same question.
This time, I reflected on it before answering and I told myself that I knew the answer;
"Mother, I believe that the eyes are the most important part of the body".
Again she said no. "You still don´t know the answer my child".
"Just think how many blind people there are without the use of their sight, and yet they 

are able to manage very well too".
She often asked me the same question many years later when I was an adult, but I was
wrong every time.
A few months ago, my grandfather died. Everyone cried......even me, because he was very
loved and we were all very sad.
That day, my mother hugged me with great emotion and told me:
"Today I want you to know what the most important part of the body is.
"It´s your shoulder because it can support the head of a loved one when he or she cries.
I only want you to have love and friends; this way you will always have a shoulder to cry on
when you need to" 

asked me = me preguntó
child = hijo
as = como
so = así que
ears = oidos
wrong = equivocado
deaf = sordos
able to manage = pueden desenvolverse
on their own = solitos
this time = esta vez
sight = vista
again = de nuevo
still = todavia
just = simplemente
blind = ciegos
yet = sin embargo
too = tambien

often = a menudo
loved = querido
hugged = abrazó
shoulder = hombro

Carole King sings: You´ve got a friend