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142.) A Poem "What a mess the world is"

"What a mess the world is"

Not easy to find a good job
Just ask Pedro and Bob
Pollution is getting worse
Be careful with your purse
People dying of hunger
Nobody cares any longer
All we can do is complain
Politicians have their own plane
Everyday bombs kill
Who´s gonna pay the bill
Bodies lying in the street
Without any feet
Never to dream 
Washed away in the stream 
Some only want more money
Others ask what´s so funny
Families leave their homes
Can´t pay their loans
Have to live in a tent
Cause they can´t pay the rent
Nothing left but skin and moans
All that´s left are chicken bones
Politicans promise this and that
All they want is to get fat
Better to lie and cheat
People living in the street
Easier to steal
Because they don´t feel
Men, women and children have no hope
All they can do is pray to the pope
Who cares about climate change
It´s more important missile range
Sleep in the street
With no feet
What a mess the world is
It´s all show biz

copyright 2012 alan moliner

Listen to this fantastic song "Blowin in the wind"

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  "What are you looking at"?

Verbs with their special "PREPOSITION"

I made this list, but I´m sure there are other verbs which use their own special "PREPOSITION"  (ALSO SEE PREPOSITION TOPIC NUMBER 26)

No confundir estos verbos con los "PHRASAL VERBS"(Verbos Compuestos): Ver Tema 54

Con estos verbos siempre hay que usar estas preposiciones

  1. LOOK AT  = Mirar a
  2. SPEAK TO, WITH /  TALK TO, WITH / ABOUT = Hablar con / Hablar acerca de 
  3. LAUGH AT (someone) / ABOUT  (something) = Reírse de 
  4. LOOK FORWARD TO  = Desear con ganas
  5. LISTEN TO  = Escuchar a
  6. WRITE TO  = Escribir a
  7. THINK ABOUT (something) = Pensar en
  8. SHOUT TO  = Gritar a
  9. EXPLAIN TO = Explicar a
  10. APLOLOGIZE TO  = Disculparse a
  11. DISCUSS ABOUT = Discutir (debatir) acera de
  12. ARGUE ABOUT = Discutir (enfadado) acerca de
  13. WAIT FOR = Esperar para
  14. LOOK FOR = Buscar
  15. LOOK AT  = Mirar a
  16. LEAVE FOR  = Salir para
  17. DREAM ABOUT  = Soñar acerca de
  18. COMPLAIN TO  = Quejarse a
  19. THINK OF (the idea suddenly comes to your mind) = Pensar en
  20. COMPLAIN ABOUT  = Quejarse de
  21. HEAR ABOUT = Oir acerca de
  22. PAY FOR  = Pagar para / por
  23. BLAME (SOMEBODY) FOR  = Culpar por
  24. SUFFER FROM  = Sufrir de
  25. DEPEND ON  = Depende de
  26. CONGRATULATE ON  = Dar la hora buena en / por
  27. BELIEVE IN  = Creer en
  28. SPECIALIZE IN  = Especializarse en
  29. SUCCEED IN  = Tener éxito en
  30. TRANSLATE INTO  = Traducir al
  31. PROVIDE WITH  = Proporcionar con
  32. INSIST ON  = Insistir en
  33. SPEND (MONEY) ON  = Gastarse dinero en
  34. CONCENTRATE ON  = Concentrarse en
  35. READ ABOUT  = Leer acerca de / sobre
  36. THANK (SOMEBODY) FOR = Dar las gracias a alguien por
  37. WARN ABOUT  = Advertir acerca
  38. CRASH INTO  = Chocar contra
  39. FLY TO  = Volar a / para 
  40. GET ANGRY ABOUT, WITH  = Enfadarse por / con
  41. KEEN ON  = Aficionado a
  42. GO INTO = Entrar en

    Translation Exercise (see solution below)
    1. ¿Que haces? Estoy buscando las llaves del coche y tengo mucha prisa.
    2. Es importante ahorrar dinero y no gastarlo en cosas que no son necesarias.
    3. ¿En que estás pensando? Estaba pensando en la chica que conocí anoche.
    4. Mi jefe siempre se queja de todo y todos estamos hartos de el.
    5. ¿A donde te vas de vacaciones? Aún no lo se. Todo depende de mis compañeros de trabajo.
    6. Estaba leyendo acerca de las mejores playa en España
    7. Gracias por llevarme a casa. No hay de que.
    8. Insisto en invitarte a cenar conmigo esta noche.
    9. El otro día leí sobre lo importante que es hacer ejercicio para mejorar la memoria.
    10. Te voy a contar algo que me pasó anoche, pero no te rías de mi.
    11. Primeramente volamos a Madrid y después para Los Angeles.
    12. Me pusieron una multa el otro día. Ya te avisé de no hablar con tu móvil mientras conduces.
    13. Quiero ser el primero en darte la hora buena por tu ascenso.
    14. Mi hermano siempre se enfada por todo.
    15. ¿Crees que es fácil traducir las frases en español al ingles?
    16. ¿Vas a ir en bici? Todo depende del tiempo.
    17. ¿Con quien estabas hablando?
    18. Escúchame y deja de hablar tanto.


    In this song Connie Talbot sings "Don´t worry about a thing" = No te preocupes de nada

    Translation solution
    1. What are you doing? I´m looking for the car keys and I´m in a big hurry.
    2. It´s important to save money and not spend it on things which are not necessary.
    3. What are you thinking about? I was thinking of the girl I met last night.
    4. My boss always complains about everything and we´re all fed up with him.
    5. Where are you going on vacation? I still don´t know. It all depends on my workmates.
    6. I was reading about the best beaches in Spain.
    7. Thanks for taking me home. You´re welcome.
    8. I insist on inviting you for dinner with me tonight.
    9. The other day I read about how important it is to do exercise to improve one´s memory. 
    10. I´m going to tell you something that happened to me last night, but don´t laugh at me.
    11. First we´re flying to Madrid and then to Los Angeles.
    12. I was fined the other day. I already warned you about not talking on the cell phone while driving.
    13. I want to be the first to congratulate you on your promotion.
    14. My brother always gets angry about everything.
    15. Do you think it´s easy to translate the Spanish sentences into English?
    16. Are you going by bike? It all depends on the weather.
    17. Who were you talking to?
    18. Listen to me and stop talking so much.

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Drawing and Poem by alan moliner

Mirror mirror on the wall
I´d like to make a long distance call
My dad left us some years ago
 Perhaps now living in Chicago  
I wish I could see him one more time
Oh that wouldn´t be such a crime
How I´d ike to hear his voice
That would surely be my choice
Don´t worry about a single thing
There´s nothing one needs to bring
Existing in the past
What a blast
Live the here and now
Don´t forget your vow
Live in harmony
Don´t worry about money
See you one day
Although I´m not far away
Mirror mirror on the wall
I´d like to see him in the fall

Opus sing "Life is Life"



1- Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks you´re an asshole
2- Women may not hit harder, but they hit lower
3- If at first you don´t succeed, then skydiving is not for you
4- My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I wanted a second opinion. He said okay...you´re ugly too
5- Worrying works! 90% of the things I worry about never happen
6- If you think nobody cares you´re alive, try missing a couple of payments
7. I used to be undecisive. Now, I´m not sure
8- I intend to live forever. So far so good
9- A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don´t need it
10-Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt
11-If sex is a pain in the ass, then you´re doing it all wrong
12-The last thing I want to do is hurt you....but it´s still on the list
13- A little boy asked his father; "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" "I don´t know son, I´m still paying"
14- I didn´t say it was your fault.... I only said I was blaming you
15-Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason
16-Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake a whole relationship
17-A computer once beat me at chess...but it was no match for me at kickboxing
18-I prayed to God for a Harley motorcycle, but I know God doesn´t work that way. So I stole one and asked God for forgiveness
19- Never hit a man with glasses. Hit him with a baseball bat
20-Knowledge is power, and power corrupts.....so study hard and be evil
21- I thought I wanted a career...now it turns out I just want paychecks
22. Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night
23.Why don´t blind people go skydiving? Because it scares the shit out of the dog

Source: Funny jokes.com
Here´s a funny commercial in English called "Do you speak English"?

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       "Looks like he´s angry about something"
       "Parece que está enfadado por algo"

Después de ciertos Verbos y Adjetivos se usan estas PREPOSICIONES
Aquí hay algunas de ellas: (of, by, about, with, for, at, to, in, on, into, from, after)

Elegir la preposición correcta para el Verbo o el Adjetivo
Ver solución abajo

  1. Everybody is excited…………….leaving early next week.
  2. It was nice……………..you to let me know.
  3. They are angry……………what happened ………..their friend ........the airport.........New York
  4. The client seems to be fed up………….all the red tape.
  5. Who were you talking…………this morning……….the phone?
  6. In the end we had to apologise …………..them.
  7. You should do something……………it.
  8. Take care……………yourself and don´t get………..trouble.
  9. Can you look ………….my things while I go for a coffee?
  10. He doesn´t seem to care………………other people.
  11. ………….reply to your email, I´ll do the best I can.
  12. It´s not so easy to rely…………them………….to sort out the problem.
  13. He reminds me …………someone I met…………work.
  14. I´m thinking……………going away a few days.
  15. I´ve never heard ……………….them.
  16. Why didn´t I think……….it?
  17. Are you interested…………receiving this information?
  18. Valencia will be crowded ……………tourists.
  19. The training course was different…………what I had expected.
  20. He left because he was tired…………..waiting.
  21. I´m a bit short……….money now to buy a new car.
  22. Your job is more or less similar…………mine.
  23. This report was full…………..mistakes.
  24. Can you explain this ………………me again?
  25. I´ll pick you up………….the airport.
  26. We can meet…………….the corner of Colon and Rusafa street.
  27. We don´t blame you…………..making that decisión.
  28. We discussed a lot of things……………..the meeting.
  29. I sometimes prefer tea………..coffee.
  30. They insist ……………taking us to the airport.
  31. I spend too much money…………petrol every week.
  32. I ran……………another car this morning but nothing serious.
  33. He´s very good……………negotiating with people.
  34. His friend specialises……………..car loans.
  35. In the end we succeeded…………..finding a solution.
  36. Somebody broke………..my car last night.
  37. You don´t seem to be interested………..what I´m saying.
  38. I don´t think he´s capable………….negotiating with them.
  39. They seem to be a little jealous …………….her.
  40. I´m not aware………….any problems………..the moment.
  41. We were all surprised……….Susan…………..not coming to the party
  42. We are not keen……….the idea of going to that restuarant
  43. We are very proud………..of you  
  44. I think .............my father often
  45. I often go to work ...............bicycle
  46. Get...............the train everybody. 
  47. We work.................eight o´clock...............five o´clock
  48. What are you thinking...............?
  49. I´ll meet you..............the train station
  50. As it was raining cats and dogs, we went................a Starbuck´s café to have a coffee
*El ejercicio está hecho por alan moliner

1. emocionado

2. amable / hacérmelo saber
4. harto / papeleo
6. al final / disculparse
7. deberías
8. cuídate
10. importan 
11. respuesta
12. confiar / resolver
13. recuerda
14. irme fuera
18. abarrotado
21. algo escaso
23. informe
25. recogerme
27. culpamos
34. prestamos
35. tuvimos éxito
36. parecen
39. celosos
40. al tanto
42. gusta
43. orgullosos
50. a cántaros

Kate Perry sings "Thinking of you"  = Pensando en ti

Lyrics                                                                     Translated by ajm

Comparisons are easily done                                Las comparaciones son fáciles
Once you've had a taste of perfection                   Una vez saboreado la perfección
Like an apple hanging from a tree                         Como una manzana colgando de un arbol
I picked the ripest one                                            Cogí la mas madura
I still got the seed                                                   Aun tengo la semilla

You said move on                                                  Dijiste que me fuera
Where do I go                                                        A donde voy
I guess second best                                              Supongo que la segunda alternativa 
Is all I will know                                                      Es todo lo que conoceré

Cause when I'm with him                                      Porque cuando estoy con el
I am thinking of you                                             Estoy pensando en ti
Thinking of you                                                      Pensando en ti 
What you would do if                                             Que harías si 
You were the one                                                   tu fueras el elegido 
Who was spending the night                                 Quien pasara la noche
Oh I wish that I                                                       Ay ojala que 
Was looking into your eyes                                 te mirara a tus ojos

You're like an Indian summer                                 Eres como un veranillo de San Miguel
In the middle of winter                                            En medio del invierno
Like a hard candy                                                   Como un careamelo duro
With a surprise center                                            Con una sorpresa en el centro
How do I get better                                                  Como mejoro
Once I've had the best                                            Una ves que he tenido lo mejor
You said there's                                                      Digiste que hay
Tons of fish in the water                                         toneladas de peces en el agua
So the waters I will test                                          Así que las aguas probaré

He kissed my lips                                                   Me besó los labios 
I taste your mouth                                                   Saboreo tu boca
He pulled me in                                                       Me atrajo hacia el
I was disgusted with myself                                 Estaba disgustada con mi mismo

Cause when I'm with him                                       Porque cuando estoy con el
I am thinking of you                                                 Estoy pensando en ti
Thinking of you                                                      Pensando en ti
What you would do if                                               Que harías si
You were the one                                                    Tu fueras el elegido
Who was spending the night                                   Quien pasaba la noche
Oh I wish that I                                                         Ojala que
Was looking into...                                                    mirara en

You're the best                                                         Eres lo mejor  
And yes I do regret                                                   Y si lo lamento
How I could let myself                                              Como pude
Let you go                                                                 Dejarte ir
Now the lesson's learned                                         Ahora he aprendido la lección
I touched it I was burned                                          Toque y me quemé
Oh I think you should know                                       Creo que deberías saberlo

Cause when I'm with him                                          "                 "              "
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you 
What you would do if
You were the one 
Who was spending the night                                     "                "               "         
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes
Looking into your eyes 
Looking into your eyes
Oh won't you walk through                                        Porque no pasas
And bust in the door                                                  Y rompes la puerta
And take me away                                                     Y llevame
Oh no more mistakes                                                No mas errores
Cause in your eyes I'd like to stay...                          Porqué en tus ojos me gustaría quedarme 

1.) about  2.) of  3.) about / to / at / in   4.) with  5.) to / on   6.) to   7.) about   8.) of / into  9.) after  10.) about  11.) in  12.) on / for  13.) of / at   14.) about  15.) of  16.) of   17.) in  18.) with  19.) from  20.) of  21.) of  22.) to  23.) of  24.) to  25.) at  26.) at   27.) for  28.) in  29.) to  30.) in
31.) on  32.) into  33.) at  34.) in  35.) on  36.) into  37.) in   38.) of   39.) of   40.) of / at 41.) at / for   42.) on   43.) of   44.) of   45.) by   46.) on   47.) from / to  48.) about  49.) at  50.) into

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                                                     Drawing and Text by A. Moliner

                                                    Europe get your act together
                                                    People need you more than ever
                                                   Show the world we´re in command
                                                   So Europe will have the upper hand
                                                   Germany, we know you´re strong
                                                   Let´s show everyone we´re not wrong
                                                   United we have the power
                                                   To build the highest tower
                                                   Let´s show the world we are wise
                                                   Although some make think otherwise
                                                   Europe, let´s come together
                                                   And be strong forverer 
                                                   United we will be strong
                                                   Together we´ll never be wrong
                                                   copyright 2012 alan moliner

                                                   Get your act together = ponerse las pilas y empezar a trabajar
                                                   More than ever  = mas que nunca
                                                   In command = estar al mando
                                                   Upper hand = voz cantante
                                                   Strong = fuerte
                                                   Wrong = equivocados
                                                   Power = poder
                                                   Highest tower = torre mas alta
                                                   Wise = sabio
                                                   Otherwise = que no es así
                                                   Let´s come together = vamos a unirnos

Bryan Ferry sings "Let´s stick together" = Permanezcamos unidos 

Lyrics                                                 Translated by ajm
And now the marriage vow                  Y ahora la promesa matrimonial 
is very sacred                                          es muy sagrado
The man has put                                    El hombre nos          
us together now                                      ha unido ahora
You ought to make                                Deberías hacer
it stick together                                      Que permanezcamos unidos
Come on, come on,                                 Vamos
let's stick together                                 permanezcamos unidos
You know we made a vow                    Sabes que hicimos una promesa
not to leave one another never            nunca dejarnos el uno al otro

But now you never miss your               Pero ahora nunca echas de menos tu
water 'til your well runs dry                  agua hasta que el pozo se queda seco
Come on now baby                                  Vamos nena
give our love a try                                   dale nuestro amor una oportunidad
Let's stick together,                                Permanezcamos unidos
c'mon c'mon let's stick together            Vamos permanezcamos unidos
You know we made a vow                     Sabes que hicimos una promesa
not to leave one another never             nunca dejar el uno al otro

Well if you're stuck for                           Si estás confusa durante
a while consider our child                      un tiempo considera nuestro hijo
How can it be happy                               Como puede ser feliz
without its ma and pappy                      sin su madre y padre
Lets stick together, cmon                      Permanezcamos unidos
cmon lets stick together                         Vamos permanezcamos unidos
You know we made a vow                      "                     "                   "
not to leave one another never              

Now if you're stuck for a                         "                     "                   "
while consider our child
How can it be happy 
without its ma and pa
Lets stick together, 
cmon cmon lets stick together
You know we made a vow
 not to leave one another never             "                     "                   "