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370. The promise of the angel

The promise of the angel

One day, an angel approached a man and told him that he would have a marvellous future.
The promise of the angel
You will be rich, famous and marry a beautiful woman and have a lot of children.
However, the man waited and waited for the promise of the angel, and in the end the man
died alone and poor.
When the man arrived to the pearly gates of heaven, he recognized the angel and said:
“Nothing you promised to me came true
“I didn´t promise you anything said the angel. I only told you that you would have the
opportunity to reach your goals in life”.
The man was confused, yet the angel continued to explain him more things.
“Do you remember that you had the idea to set up a business, but at the last moment you
decided not to because you were afraid it would be a disaster and lose a lot of money?
Some years later, another man set up the same business you had in mind, and now he´s a
And do you remember when there was a terrible earthquake in your city and you decided to
stay home so that nobody would rob you.
This was your chance of becoming famous if you had abandoned your home and setting an
example to other people to leave their houses.
And finally, do you remember the beautiful redhead that you were afraid to approach
because you thought she would reject you.
She would have become your wife and mother of your children”
Often in life, opportunities will come our way, but like this man, we don´t take advantage of
them because we are so afraid and insecure of ourselves.

This can at times stop us from making the right decisions.

So, don´t be afraid to do things that you really want to do.

approached = se acercó
Would have = tendría
However = sin embargo
In the end = al final
pearly gates of heaven = puertas del cielo
came true = se cumplió
reach your goals = alcanzar tus metas
yet = sin embargo
set up  = montar
lose = perder
had in mind = tenias en mente
earthquake = terremoto
so that  = para que
chance  = oportunidad
setting an example = poniendo como ejemplo
redhead = peliroja
approach = acercarse
reject  = rechazarte
become  = convertido
come our way = se nos ofrecen
like = como
take advantage = aprovechar
so = tanto

at times  = a veces

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