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"Have you ever thought how many natural things there are to eat that are good for our health and can help us live a healthier and longer life"?  = Has pensado alguna vez en cuantas cosas naturales que hay para comer que es bueno para nuestra salud y puede ayudarnos a vivir una vida mas sana y larga?

"GARLIC" is the most used medicinal plant in  the history of man".

"GARLIC" 1.) belongs to the 2.) onion family. It´s known for its antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties. It has been used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinsese to help cure a variety of 3.) ailments from bronchitis and 4.) influenza to 5.) whooping cough.
Today medical 6.) journals contain scientific studies which say that garlic can help fight infections, 7.) as well as 8.) provide potential benefits for diabetes, asthma and cancer suffereres.
Perhaps the most exciting discoveries 9.) to date have been that garlic can help against heart disease by 10.) thinning the 11.) blood and helping to lower cholesterol.
Garlic contains allicin, a sulphur compound that gives it its 12.) pungent smell. Allicin 13.) encourages the elimination of cholesterol from the body and helps to reduce 14.) fat. In countries where lots of fresh garlic is eaten, such as Spain and Italy, heart disease is less common than in other countries.
15.) Researchers are also looking at the antioxidant effects of garlic, and its anti-ageing benefits, as well as how garlic can help to protect against the bacteria which causes stomach ulcers.
Source:  lifeandhealth.guardian.co.uk      

So, take one garlic clove a day.The best way to eat garlic is to 16.) mash the garlic clove with a 17.) spoon so it can be digested better together with a glass of water mixed with the juice of one lemon.
If you just 18.) swallow the garlic and you don´t want to 19.) smell of garlic, try 20.) chewing 21.) parsely or
22.) sucking a mint.

Vocabulary from text
1. To Belong = pertenecer
2. Onion  = cebolla
3. Ailments = achaques
4. Influenza = gripe
5. Whooping cough = tos convulsiva
6. Journals  = revistas (scientíficas)
7. As well as = ademas de
8. Provide = proporcionar
9. To date =  hasta ahora
10. Thinning  = diluyendo (hacer menos espeso)
11. Blood  =  sangre
12. Pungent  = penetrante
13. Smell  = olor
14. Fat  =  grasa
15. Researchers  =  investigadores
16. Mash  = aplastar
17. Spoon  = cuchara
18. Swallow  = tragar
19. Smell  =  olor
20. Chewing  =  masticando
21. Parsley  =  perejil
22. Sucking  =  chupando

There are a lot of recipes using garlic, but let´s start with this one. I remember this one because my mother always made this for us and it was delicious especially in the winter.

"I made this soup the other day -  and here´s what it should look like and it was delicious"

Step 1. Cut about half a 1.) loaf of french bread into 2.) thin twelve 3.) slices. Then in a large 4.) pot add  four or five 5.) tablespoons of olive oil and 6.) slightly fry the 7.) five minced garlic 8.) cloves until  9.) golden.
Then add six slices of bread and also slightly fry both sides, then 10.remove the pot from the 11.) stove. 12.)Then sprinkle 13.) one teaspoon and a half of  14.) sweet paprika and mix well.

Step 2. In the same pot add one about a liter of  hot vegetable 15.) broth and 16.) boil at low 17.) heat for 20 minutes.
After the 20 minutes add salt to your 18.) liking and 19.), a pinch of black pepper  and add the 20.) remaining six slices of the bread until it 21.) softens and mix the soup.

Step 3. Break four 22.) raw eggs, add to the soup and cook for about 5 minutes
Recipe  Vocabulary
1. Loaf  =  barra (de pan)
2. Thin  = fino / fina
3. Slices = rebanadas
4. Pot  =  cazuela
5. Tablespoon  =  cucharada
6. Slightly  =  ligeramente
7. Minced  = picado
8. Cloves  =  dientes (de ajo)
9. Golden = dorado
10. Remove = quitar
11. Stove =  fuego (cocina)
12. Sprinkle = esploverar
13. Teaspoon  = cucharadita
14. Sweet paprika  =  pimiento dulce
15. Broth  =  caldo
16. Boil  =  hervir
17. Heat  =  fuego
18. Liking = a tu gusto
19. Pinch of black pepper =  pizca de pimienta negra
20. Remaining  =  restante
21. Soften  =  ablandarse
22. Raw  =  crudo

It looks nice to serve the soup in clay bowls like in the picture = Queda mas bonito servir la sopa en cuencos de arcilla como en la foto

"Something else which is really good is to toast some french bread, pour a little olive oil on the toast, then add one minced garlic clove all over the bread, and spread minced raw tomatoes" 
But your breath could be a little dangerous = Pero tu aliento puede ser un poco peligroso
"Otra cosa que está realmente buenísimo es tostar pan de barra, verter un poco de aceite de oliva sobre la tostada, entonces añadir un diente de ajo troceado por todo el pan, y extender tomate crudo troceado"

Here´s a song by The Doors; She smells so nice"  = Ella huele tan bien

Man, the first woman know she smells so nice
and she looks so good i gotta zip up once or twice
well i've been down
up and up
up and down
in 99, but i love my woman
like the sun goes up
she's the sweetest little woman
when she wakes up
come on, now right
now you walk around
and you thinking that you're so tough
i see you walking around
you think that you're so though
well you got some thing momma,
but it's not enough
i'm going home
i'm going home and lay down
i'm going home, baby
i'm going home and lay down
gonna switch on the television
i'm gonna drown, yeah
well it's a long time coming
long time coming, long time coming
long time coming, long time coming
but when you find her baby
you know you found something good
when you find somebody now,
don't leave it no good

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