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"READING" = LEER is a good way = (una buena manera) to learn new vocabulary words and expressions.

There are a lot of cats in China. Chinese people are very friendly 1.) towards all their cats.
Chen Lee was a schoolteacher in Honan, in China. Chen had a very beautiful white cat and he loved her very much. But something terrible 2.) happened one day.
A rich man´s car 3.) ran over the cat; and that was the end of her. Chan 4.) ran out on to the road.
"Oh, you poor 5.) dear thing!, he cried. "What will I do without you? You were the light of my life."
People stopped and cried with Chan. The rich man stopped his car and 6.) came back. He 7.) put his arms around Chen and said: "I´m 8.) very, very sorry about this accident. Please 9.) let me..."
"You don´t know! Chen cried. "She was a 10.) wonderful pupil!"
"A pupil?", the man asked. "This cat? What do you 11.) mean?"
"You couldn´t buy that cat for all the money in China!", Chen said. "I 12.) taught her every day. That cat could talk, sir"
"Then I 13.) must help you,", the man said. He took a 14.) handful of notes from his 15. pocket. "Here, please take this money.
Three hundred pounds. Is it 16.) enough? Will you 17.) forgive me? Can we be friends now?"
Chen took the money. "Thank you, he said. "I´ll 18.) get another cat. Then I must begin all the work again."
The rich man 19.) went away in his car. A woman said to Chen; "Was it 20.) true? Could your cat talk? What could it say?
"It was true mandam," Chen answered. "My cat had many difficult lessons. 21.) At last she could say the word CAT."
Everybody laughed. What is the Chinese word for CAT? Chen said MIAW.
(Reading Comprehension Passages , Collins)

Important Vocabulary:
1. Towards   =  hacía
2. Happened =
3. Ran over  =   atropelló
4. Ran out  = salió corriendo
5. Dear thing  = querido
6. Came back  =  Volvió
7. Put his arms  = abrazó
8. Very very sorry  = los siento muchísimo
9. Let me  =  permíteme
10.Wonderful   =  marivilloso
11.Mean  = significa (quieres decir)
12. Taught  =  enseñé
13. Must  =  debe
14. Handful of notes  = puñado de billetes(money)
15. Pocket  =  bolsillo
16. Enough  =  suficiente
17. Forgive  =  perdonar
18. Get  =  conseguir
19. Went away  =  se fue
20. True  =  verdad
21. At last  =  por fin

Speaking of "CAT", this song by Queen is called "Cool cat" =  Gato con estilo o Un gato guay

Lyrics                               Translated into Spanish by ajm
Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah!                       Ooh si si si si!
You're taking all the sunshine away         Te estás llevando todo el sol
Making out like you're                               Fingiendo como si fueras
the main line (I knew that)                        la linea principal (Lo sabia)   
'Cause you're a cool cat                           Porque eres un gato con estilo
Tapping on the toe with a new hat            Haciendo claqué con sombrero nuevo
Ooh just cruising                                       Ooh simplemente paseando con tu coche
Driving along like the swing king              Conduciendo como si fueras el rey del swing
Feeling the beat of my heart huh!             Sintiendo el ritmo de mi corazon
Feeling the beat of my heart                      Sintiendo el ritmo de mi corazón

Ooh you're a cool cat                                 Ooh eres un gato con estilo!
Coming on strong with                               Impresionandome con
all the chit chat                                          tu palique
Ooh you're alright                                     Ooh estás bien
Hanging out and                                        Por allí y
stealing all the limelight                           acaparando toda la atención
Ooh messing with the                                Estas tonteando con el
beat of my heart yeah!                              ritmo de mi corazón

Ooh you used to be a mean kid                 Solías ser un chaval malo
Ooh making such a deal of life                   dando tanta importancia a la vida
Ooh you were wishing                                  Estabas deseando
and hoping and waiting                               y deseando y esperando
To really hit the big time                             Llegar a lo grande
But did it happen? happen no!                    Pero ocurrió? No ocurrió!
You're feeling too fast slow down                Estás sintiendo demasiado rápido- ir mas lento
Slow down you'd better                                Ir mas lento. Sería mejor
slow down slow down                                    ir mas lento ir mas lento

You really know how                                    Realmente sabes
to set the mood                                           situar el ambiente
And you really get                                       Y realmente
inside the groove                                        estás en la onda
Cool cat tapping on the                              Gato con estilo haciendo claque
 toe with a new hat                                      con un sombrero nuevo
Ooh just cruising                                        Simplemente paseando con tu coche
Driving along like the swing king               Conduciendo como si fueras el rey del swing
Feeling the beat of my heart                       sintiendo el ritmo de mi corazón
Feeling the beat of my heart yeah!                    "                 "                  "
Feeling the beat of my heart                               "                 "                  "
Can you feel it?                                             Lo sientes?
Feeling the beat of my heart                        Sintiendo el ritmo de mi corazón
Feeling the beat of my heart                               "                "                  "
Ooh feeling feeling feeling                                  "                "                   "
Feeling every feeling                                      Sintiendo cada sentimiento

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  3. Creo que Cool Cat no hace referencia a un gato, sino que se utiliza para decirle a alguien que es genial, chévere, guay. Yo la traduzco como "tía guay" o "tipa genial", etc. Y por "cruising" no refiere a pasear en coche, sino a filtrear, seducir, ir de ligue. Espero ayudarte y que verifiques por tus medios lo que te digo. Saludos.

  4. that was great! keep doing this i loved it!