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A man lived in a small house with his wife, five children, four grandfathers and several aunts and uncles.
They all slept and ate in the same room.
As there were so many people, they always had arguments and complained that there 
wasn´t any space to move around the house, and it was always so noisy.
We just want some silence.
As the man didn´t know what to do, he went to see the wise man of the village.
“I´m going crazy because of the noise. Everybody is shouting all day.
The children are always crying.
My wife feels terrible because she can´t sleep”
“If I remember well, said the wise man…. you have a cow, don´t you?
Put the cow in your house and come back in a week”
The man started to protest.  No way….that is a crazy idea”.
In the end, the man did what the wise man told him to do.
After a week, the man came back and said: “The situation at home is horrible, and the cow smells terrible and shits everywhere!”, the man complained.
Don´t worry”, said the wise man. “ Now I want you to put an animal in the house each week…. the goat, the horse and the chickens…..until it´s a total chaos”.
The man was afraid that his house would explode.
But after some time passed and the situation was unbearable, the wise man told the man to take out all the animals from the house.
When the man came back after a few days, he told the wise man:
“Thank you very much. You are very a very clever man.
At last, everything is perfect now . Now we all can live in peace and harmony.
And the best of all .......nobody argues anymore”.
And then the wise man told him:
“We must value and be happy with what we already have, because unfortunately, life can at times get much worse”. 

Grandfathers  = abuelos
Aunts  =  tias
Uncles  =  tios
Same  =  misma
All slept  = todos dormian
As there were so many  =  como habia tantos
Arguments  = discusions
Complained  =  quejándose
Around  = por
So noisy  =   tan ruidoso
Just  = simplemente
As  = como
Wise man  = hombre sabio
I´m going crazy  = me estoy volviendo loco
Noise  = ruido
Shouting  = gritando
Feels terrible  =  se siente fatal
Don´t you  = no es así
Come back  = vuelve
No way  = de ninguna manera
In the end  = al final
Came back  = regresó
Smells  =  huele
Shits  = hace caca
Don´t worry  = no te preocupes
Complained  =  se quejó
Each  = cada
Goat  =  cabra
Would explode  = explotaria
Unbearable  = insoportable 
Take out  = sacar
A few days  = unos cuanto dias
Clever  =  listo
At last  = por fin
Best of all  = lo mejor de todo
Anymore  = mas
Must  = debemos
Already  = ya
Get much worse  = empeorar muchísimo

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