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  • What´s wrong with men?
    Why do men get so angry with women? And I imagine women with men too! 
    But the thing is........many men mistreat, hit, and even come to the point of killing a woman.
    In fact, why on earth do people kill each other? How can a person even think of taking someone´s life?
    That´s fucking crazy
    A person is born into this world, has a childhood, becomes an adult, has parents, brothers or sisters and friends……but then one day can be killed in the hands of another person.
    Something isn´t right in the society we live in.
    So, the question is, and this is what I mainly want to talk about :
    What goes on in a man´s head when he´s thinking of hurting someone; either psychologically or physically ?
    What makes a man become so violent to even think of hitting his wife…and perhaps killing her!
    Of coursethere are many reasons why men can go crazy. It can happen that the man is completely drunk  or has psychological problems.
    If they are having an argument, anything can happen because the man becomes aggressive.
    There is another serious problem in some societies.
    Apart from drinking a lot, people also take drugs…and then it´s so easy to flip one´s lid.
    But that doesn´t mean that men have the right to mistreat a woman; perhaps even in front of their children.
    Maybe there are men who think they must control women because they think women are the weaker sex and a man is much stronger.
    So, some men think they have the right to mistreat their partners just because they are men and because they feel that they are the big boss and women must accept this and obey men all the time.
    This is a very serious dilema in modern day societies beacuse there are so many sociological and psychological factors envolved.
    Then, what is the solution to this very serious problem.
    I think it´s very important to start with education. Children must learn that men and women are born equal.
    Perhaps it´s also a good idea that before starting a relationship or getting married, men and women must take a psychological test just to be on the safe side.
    Companies make future employees take a psychological test before being part of the company.
    I think it´s a good idea to have this requirement before living together, or getting married and forming a family.
    How many women must die in a year in the hands of men?
    I´m sure there are men who need psychological help?
    In any kind of relationship, there must be love and especially RESPECT.
    It´s perfectly natural to argue about things….but with respect.
    And of course, never go to bed angry.

    If there is no love or respect in a relationship, then it´s better to make a change before things get worse.
    Women must seek help if there are problems at home
    Try to make up and kiss and live life in harmony.
    Remember: The first rule is…RESPECT.

    What´s wrong  = Que les pasa
    So  = tan
    Mistreat  =  maltratan
    Even  = incluso 
    Come to the point  = llegan al extremo
    Why on earth  = a santo de que
    Each other  = el uno al otro
    Fucking crazy =  locura total
    Is born  = nace
    Childhhod  = niñez
    Isn´t right  = no va bien
    Mainly  = principalmente
    Goes on  = ocurre
    Hurting  = haciendo daño
    Either  = o
    What makes  = que le hace
    Perhaps  = quizás
    Of course  =  desde luego
    Go crazy  = se vuelen locos
    Drunk  = borracho
    Argument  = discusión
    Happen  = ocurrir
    So easy to flip one´s lid  = tan facil de irse de la olla
    Doesn´t mean  =  no significa que
    Right  =  derecho
    Maybe  = quizás
    Weaker  = mas debil
    Much stronger  = mas fuerte
    Partners  = compañeros
    So many  = tantas
    Involved  = asociados
    Just  = simplemente
    Boss  = jefe
    All the time  = siempre
    So many  =  tantos
    How many  = cuantas
    Perhaps  = quizas
    Getting married  = casarse
    Just to be on the safe side  = por si las moscas
    Requirement = requerimiento
    In any kind = en culaquier tipo
    There must be  = debe haber
    Argue  = discutir
    Go to bed  = acostarse
    Make up  = hacer las paces
    Better  = mejor
    Make a change  =  hacer un cambio
    Get worse  = empeoren
    Seek  = buscar
    Make up  = hacer las paces

    Aretha Franklin sings: RESPECT

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