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One day a little boy was anxiously waiting for his father to get home from work.
As soon as the father arrived, the little boy ran to his father and asked him:
“Daddy, how much do you earn per hour at work?”

His father looked at him and said: “Look son, your mother doesn´t even know that.
Now go off and don´t bother me with silly questions. I´m a little tired”.
But, the little boy insisted: “Daddy, it´s just a simple question and I´m curious.
How much do you earn per hour?”

In the end, his father told his son that he earned 20€ per hour.
Then his son asked him: Could you lend me 10€?”
On hearing the question, the father got angry and said: “So, that´s why you want to know how much I earn!
“Go to bed and don´t bother me anymore”.

Later on, the father felt bad talking to his son in that way.
Perhaps his son just wanted the money to buy something!
So, he went to his son´s room and gave him the 10€. "I´m sorry for getting angry".
“Thanks daddy. His son was so happy.

Then his son took out another 10€ bill from under his pillow and said: “Now that I finally have 20€, could l buy an hour of your time?”

The father was dumbfounded. He also felt guilty because he hardly spent time with his son, and often  wasted his time doing other unimportant things.

The father then realized that his son was in fact the most important thing in his life. 

How much Daddy?

Little = pequeño
Make  = ganar
get home = llegar a casa
little tired  = un poco cansado
how much  = cuanto
even  = ni siquiera
go off  = vete
bother  = me molestes
silly  = tontas
in the end  = al final
could = podrias
lend  = prestarme
got angry  = se enfadó
so  = así que
that´s why  = por eso
bother  = molestes
anymore  = mas
later on  = mas tarde
felt bad  = se sentió mal
way  = manera
just  = solamente
so  = asi que
getting angry  = enfadarme
took out  = sacó
bill  = billete
pillow  = almohada
finally  = al final
dumbfounded  = se quedó de piedra
felt so guilty  = se sentia tan culpable
hardly  = apenas
wasted  = perdia
realized  = se dio cuenta
in fact  = en realidad

El verbo "MAKE" significa hacer y tambien ganar dinero
- I´m going to make a cake  = Voy a hacer una tarta
- I don´t make a lot of money  =  No gano mucho dinero
El verbo "EARN" tambien se usa para ganar dinero
-Some people earn a lot of money  = Algunas personas ganan mucho dinero
El adjetivo "LITTLE" significa pequeño y poco
-The little boy was crying = El niño pequeño estaba llorando
- I have little time to study = Tengo poco tiempo para estudiar
- I´m a little hungry  = Tengo un poco de hambre

Roxette canta : Spending my time 

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