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218. By Bike

It´s fun to ride a bicycle

BY BIKE”.....significa “En bici”.

La palabra “By”,se pronuncia (bai) y TIENE MUCHOS usos y significados
Por ejemplo:
I like to go by bike around Valencia” = Me gusta ir en bici porValencia
Suena igual que el verbo comprar “BUY” (bai) y para decir adios, “Bye” (bai)
Explicaré mas cosas acerca de la palabra“By” mas abajo

Going by bike is a lot of fun. Do you remember the first time you got a new shinny bicycle when you were a kid, perhaps for your birthday or for Christmas?
Your very first bicycle, and probably with two small wheels on the backside to learn how to balance yourself and not fall off.
Then the moment comes, when you take off one of the wheels, and soon after, the other wheel comes off too.
And the next step, with the help of your father or your uncle as they run along side you and holding you so you don´t fall down.
Who taught you how to ride a bicycle?
And at last the big moment comes when you are riding your bike by yourself.
Just imagine, a new world opens up because you can go riding with your friends to play football, go to school, or just go to the park or the swimming pool......by bike.
Going by bike around Valencia is great.
 It´s the one of the best cities in Europe for bicycles. And why?
Well, first of all, the weather in Valencia is usually very nice and sunny.
There are also a lot of bike ways. So, you can go anywhere all around the city.
There are so many different kinds of bicycles you can buy or rent. A lot of people buy old vintage bicycles. They repair and paint them.
You just have to find the one that is perfect for you.
If you don´t live very far, you can even ride your bike to work.
It´s a good way to start and end the day.
There are a lot of places to go in the city.
You can go by bike to the beach, to the Albufera lake in the Saler, ride along the dry river bed for kilometers and kilometers in a green area, or you can simply go by bike in the old Carmen neighborhood with it´s narrow streets and quaint little shops and coffee shops.
It´s the best way to get to know Valencia.
And of course, going by bike is a good way to exercise your body, as well as your mind.
If you by chance live in Valencia, then you already know it´s a nice place to ride a bicycle.
In my opinion, and as I said before in another article, "the city center must be only for pedestrians and cyclists".
This way, the air will be cleaner, everyone will be happier enjoying a nice walk or bike ride, and I´m sure all the shops will do more business.
Let´s hope that one day, bicycles can fly with some light wings.....simply by using our own energy by pedalling.
Then we could go anywhere...like in the movie E.T.

  • A lot of fun = muy divertido
  • Time = vez
  • Got = recibiste
  • Shinny = brillante
  • Kid = chaval
  • Wheels = ruedas
  • Backside = la parte de atrás
  • Fall off = caerse
  • Take off = quitar
  • Too = también
  • Step = paso
  • Run along side = corren a tu lado
  • Fall down = caerse
  • Taught = enseñó
  • At last = por fin
  • By yourself = solito
  • Great = fantástico
  • Best = mejores
  • First of all = primeramente
  • Nice = agradable
  • There are = hay
  • Bike ways = carriles de bici
  • Anywhere = cualquier parte
  • So many = tantas
  • Kinds = clases
  • Just = simplemente
  • Even = incluso
  • There are = hay
  • Along = por
  • Neighborhood = barrio
  • Narrow = estrechas
  • Quaint = pintoresco
  • Best way = mejor manera
  • Get to know = llegar a conocer
  • Of course = por supuesto / desde luego
  • As well as = igual como
  • By chance = por casualidad
  • Already = ya
  • Must = debe
  • Let´s hope = esperamos
  • Wings = alas
  • Could = podríamos
  • Like = como

 Otros significados de “By”:
- I sometimes go to work by bus = A veces voy al trabajo en autobus
- I will be home by eleven o´clock = Estaré en casa antes de las once
- You can sit by me = Puedes sentarte a mi lado
- The bookshop is by the post office = La librería está al lado de correos
- This book was written by Hemingway = Este libro fue escrito porHemingway
- She walked right by me without saying anything = Pasó de largo sin decirme nada
- It is made it by hand = Está hecho a mano
- He is Canadian by birth = Es Canadiense de nacimiento
- That´s fine by me = Por mi no hay problema
- Is it all right by you if I smoke? = Te importa si fumo?
- A lot of people are paid by the hour = Mucha gente les pagan por hora
- You can come in one by one = Podeís entrar uno por uno
- You have to learn step by step = Tienes que aprender paso a paso
- The water bill has gone up by 25 percent = La factura del agua ha subido en un 25 por ciento
- I want to be by myself for a while = Quiero estar a solas un rato
- I made this cake by myself = Yo solito hice esta tarta
By in large = Por lo general
- Let me by = Dejame pasar
- The apples are sold by the dozen = Las manzanas se venden por la docena
- The living room is 20 meters by 30 = La sala de estar mide 20 por 30

También hay algunas expresiones:
By the way = A propósito
By any chance = Por casualidad
By all means = Por supuesto
By fair means or foul = Por las buenas o por las malas
By hook or by crook = Por las buenas o por las malas
By the look of things = Según parece / por lo visto
By the same token = Del mismo modo
By what right? = Con que derecho?
By word of mouth = De boca en boca
By a long shot = Con gran diferencia
Little by little = Poco a poco
Stand by me = Quedate a mi lado

Here´s a great song by Queen "I like to ride my bicycle"

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