jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

221. Women the weaker sex!!! No way Jose

Who says that women are the weaker sex? No way, Jose!
It´s plain to see by looking at the photo that women are not weak at all.
Of course, it´s not necessary to have this body.
Women are stronger than men in many ways.
They are stronger emotionally, they are more level-headed, suffer from less illnessesand are better at langauges.
I´m pretty sure that men are the weaker sex.
This belief that women are weaker was perhaps a long time ago when women didn´t work.
Their mission in life was to have children, look after them, take them to school, to the doctor, be a housewife, clean the house and prepare the meals.
Men simply come home after work and say, “I´m dog tired”. “It was a long day”.
Now, the tables have turned. More and more women are working in all kinds of professions.
In many cases, women are far better professionals then men.
In fact when it comes to politics, women take their job more seriously than men, and I´m sure the majority of women are more honest and less corrupted and greedy than men.
So, who says that women are the weaker sex!
Women are now economically independent, and they decide when they want to get married and have children or not.
In many countries, women are better educated than men.
In nearly 40% of American marriages, the wife earns more than the husband.
At school, girls get better grades than boys. Thus, there are a lot more women who continue their studies and obtain a degree.

There are also studies which show that the rate of male newborns has declined.
In the years to come, women will outnumber men, and they will also be healthier than men.
There will be more women world leaders in top positions, not only in governments, but in large corporations as well.
The future is theirs…and perhaps one day the world will be a better place to live, and wars and corruption will be something of the past.
It is very possible that Hillary Clinton may be the first woman president of the United States.
Perhaps what Spain really needs right now is a strong and honest woman president to make Spain a better country.


-       Weaker  = mas debil
-       No way Jose  = de ninguna manera
-       Plain =  evidente
-       At all = en absoluto
-       Ways = maneras
-       Level-headed = equilibradas
-       Illnesses = enfermedades
-       Pretty = bastante
-       Belief = creencia
-       A long time ago = hace mucho tiempo
-       Look after = cuidar
-       Meals = comidas
-       Dog tired  = hecho polvo
-       Tables have turned = papeles han cambiado
-       Far better = mucho mejor
-       In fact = de hecho
-       Comes = hablamos
-       Greedy = caraduras
-       Earns = gana
-       Get = conseguir
-       Grades = notas
-       Show = mostrar
-       Newborns = recien nacidos
-       Declined = disminuido
-       Outnumber = superan en numero
-       Larges = grandes
-       Right now  = ahora mismo
-       Better  = mejor

A song by Kelly Clarkson called "Stronger"

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