domingo, 19 de abril de 2015


A very wise woman got up one morning and  went to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.
She saw that she only had three hairs on her head.
“What can I do”? "Well, I think I will make a braid she thought to herself"
She left her home to do some things, and she had a wonderful day.
Next morning she went straight to the bathroom to wash her face and look into the mirror.
“Oh no, now I only have two hairs on my head”.
“What am I going to do”, she said to herself”?
"I think I will comb my hair with a line in the middle".
She later went out to do several things,and of course, she had a another very happy day.
When she woke up on the third day, as usual she went into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.
"I can´t believe it. Now I only have one hair left"
"No problem. I will make a ponytail with my one hair".
And again, she had another fantastic day..
Next morning, she went running to look at herself in the mirror.
"Holy Moses!.  Now I don´t have any hair on my head”.
“I´m completely bald
The curious thing was that she wasn´t sad at all seeing her bald head.
She happily said to herself, "How nice"!
"I won´t have to comb my hair anymore"
She opened the door to her house and went out into the world, determined to enjoy every single second of the day.

The moral is:
A lot of things that happen to us in our lives isn´t really so important.
What is important, is our attitude to the things that happen to us.
There is no need to wait until the storm passes.
What is important, is to learn to dance under the rain.
Simply accept what happens. Be happy to live another beautiful day in your life under the sun, a blue sky and the stars above.

-Wise  = sabia
-Got up  = levantó
-Mirror = espejo
-Saw = vio
-Braid = trenza
-Left = salio
-Straight = directamente
-Comb = peinarse
-Line = raya
-Went out = salio
-Several = varias
-Of course = por supuesto
-As usua  = como siempre
-Left = quedaba
-Ponytail = coleta
-Holy Moses! = Dios mio
-Any = ningun
-Bald = calva
-How nice! = que bien
-Anymore =  ya no mas
-So = tan
-There is no need = no hace falta
-Storm = tormenta

Listen to Coldplay sing "A sky full of stars"

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