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All Saint´s Day

We all know that "All Saint´s Day" is celebrated on November 1st. It is a Catholic and Protestant holiday.
It is to honor all the people who are in heaven because they were good people and had God´s grace.
But, let us not forget All Soul´s Day, which is celebarted on November 2nd. Apart from praying to the Saints, we must also pray to our loved ones
Of course we hope that their souls are in heaven, but are we sure they are there or are they somewhere else that we don´t know about. 
Imagine they have been re-incarnated into another body to live another life. There are many relgions who believe this. There are people who say they can remember their past lives.
Are we sure there is purgatory waiting to go to heaven......perhaps. Do we know where it is? Is it a place before heaven, or is it on another planet, or can it be a parallel world.............or is purgatory living another life on Earth?

How many lives must we live to go into heaven? WHO KNOWS?

More than a 1000 years ago in in Ireland and in Britain, a common tradition of Christians was to come together on the eve of All Hallows day (Halloween) to ask for God´s blessing and protection from evil in the world.
The people would dress up in costumes of Saints or evil spirits and act out a battle between the forces of good and evil around bonfires.
So, remember, the word "HALLOW means HOLY" and the suffix "een" means "evening".
Thus the night of ALL HALLOWS (HALLOWEEN).

Let us pray for all the Saints and especially for all the SOULS....... asking 
God´s mercy for them so that they can find their way.

- Heaven  = santo cielo
- Praying = rezando
- Must = debemos
- Loved ones = seres queridos
- Of course = por supuesto
- Souls  = almas
- Hope = esperamos
- Somewhere else = el algun otro sitio 
- Perhaps = quizás
- Come together = reunirse
- Eve = la noche
- Evil = maldad
- Blessing = bendición
- Dress up = disfrazarse
- Costumes = trajes de disfraz
- Act out = representar
- Bonfires = hogueras
- Mercy = misericordia

- Way  = camino

When the Saints come marching in 

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