sábado, 7 de julio de 2012

144.) "Riding your Bicycle" - A Rap Poem

"Riding your Bicycle"
by alan moliner

Be careful whenever you go
Riding on your bicycle

Drivers never look
Thinking what to cook

Keep your eyes open
Or your bones will be broken

Don´t think you have the right of way
Although riding on a sunny day

Once was hit and I fell down
The woman came out wearing a gown

Be careful wherever you go
Having a ride on your bicycle

Riding in the street is not recommended
You´ll end up in the hospital to be mended

Everybody´s always in such a hurry
All they´re thinking of is chicken with curry

Think about getting home safe and sound
All you gotta do is just look all around

It´s clear as day that people have died
The worst part is your family will have also cried

                                                The white bicycle of death where a young girl was killed

Queen sings " I want to ride my bicycle"

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