martes, 17 de julio de 2012

146.) A POEM: Riding my bike

Riding my bike”

Riding my bike is what I like to do
Works wonders when I feel a little bit blue

In a forest with trees all around
I really don´t care where I am bound

Enjoy the feeling that my body is moving
I remember times when it was even snowing

Crossing a bridge over a river
Never was much of an Indian giver

Along the river I ride
I know I have nothing to hide

Stop for a rest to contemplate the view
All the colors of a different hue

Riding my bike along the seashore
I really cannot ask for anything more

A forest is also a great place
So quiet and peaceful
Riding my bike and leaving no trace

Through the countryside
a quaint village up ahead
It´s a good moment to stop and clear my head

As I sit contemplating the view
I think how nice it feels to ride my bike
Everything around me is all so new
So why worry and feel so blue

copyright 2012 alan moliner

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