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Tammy Wynette 1.) was born on May 5th in 1942 in a small 2.) town called Tremont, Mississippi, and she died in 1998.
Before becoming famous, she worked as a 3.) hairdresser.
She 4.) became very popular in the 5.) late 1960´s and 6.) early 1970's and was considered the 7.) Queen of country music.
Her songs talk about 8.) lonliness, relationship problems between men and women and divorce.
9.) Perhaps her most popular song was 10.) "Stand by your man"

1. Was born  = nació
2. Town  = pueblo
3. Hairdresser  = peluquera
4. Became  = convirtió
5. Late = finales
6. Early = principio
7. Queen = reina
8. Lonliness  = soledad
9. Perhaps  = quizás
10. Stand by your man  = Apoya a tu hombre

Tammy Wynette singing "Stand by your man"

Lyrics "Stand by your man"                           Translated by ajm
Sometimes it's hard to be a woman                     A veces es duro ser mujer
Giving all your love to just one man                     Dando todo tu amor a un solo hombre
You'll have bad times                                         Tendrás malos momentos
And he'll have good times                                    Y el tendrá el tendrá buenos momentos
Doing things that you don't understand                  Haciendo cosas que no entiendes
But if you love him                                              Pero si le quieres
You'll forgive him                                               Le perdonarás
Even though he's hard to understand                  Aunque el sea difícil comprender
And if you love him                                             Y si le quieres
Oh, be proud of him                                            Ay, estar orgulloso de el
Cause after all he's just a man                             Porque después de todo solamente es un hombre
Stand by your man                                            Apoya a tu hombre
Give him two arms to cling to                              Dale dos brazos que sujete
And something warm to come to                           Y algo cálido al ir a casa 
when nights are cold and lonely                            cuando las noches son frías y solitarias
Stand by your man                                              Apoya a tu hombre
And show the world you love him                          Y muestra al mundo que le quieres
Keep giving all the love you can                            Sigue dando todo el amor que puedas
Stand by your man                                              Apoya a tu hombre
Stand by your man                                               "               "              "
And show the world you love him 
Keep giving all the love you can
Stand by your man                                               "               "              "

2 comentarios:

  1. a good country melody and a very good voice, but it's one of the most machism song I've ever heard

  2. Yes...you´re right..it is rather male chauvinistic.
    Fortunately the world has changed a lot for the better only in some countries.
    Men and woman MUST BE equal. To Love and respect each other is the only way.