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There is an old 1.) saying, 2.) "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"
The first 3.) apple ciders were made by the Egyptian and Byzantine civilizations. People have been 4.)
enjoying apple cider since 55B.C. when the Romans arrived in England and saw that the local people were drinking this 5.) beverage.
So, what´s so special about apple cider?
Apple cider is made from fermenting apple juice. It is a natural and a 6.) healthy drink without any additives or chemicals. It´s 7.) made up of 75 to 85% water and sugar.
Cider contains vitamins C, B2, A, and D which is important for everyone. Cider has an alcohol content between 4 to 6 degrees. If one drinks it moderatly, it increases vitality and a 8.) feeling of  happiness.
When cider is rich in 9.) tannin, its effect is astringent and 10.) therefore recommended in cases of diarrhea. It´s also good for rheumatism, obesity, hipertension and can reduce cholesterol 11.) due to its diuretic effects.
Moderate drinking can also protect one´s cardiovascular sysetm, 12.) such as arteriosclerosis and can also prevent 13.) kindey stones.
There are studies in England and the USA which 14.) state that there are 15.) less deaths of heart attacks in moderate drinkers of apple cider due to its high 16.) pectin content. This 17.) compound is considered to be one of nature´s best medicine. Pectin is good in the treatment of digestive disorders. It is rich in fiber and can be used to regulate 18.) bowel movements. It can also help people suffering from 19.) bad breath by regulating stomach fluids.
In Spain, the best natural apple ciders are made in Asturias and in The Basque country in northern Spain.

                                                "Sidra"  = Apple cider from Asturias, Galicia

"Sidra" from The Basque country 

In the USA, fermented alcoholic apple juice is called "hard cider"; 20.) while freshly pressed non-alcoholic cider is called sweet cider.
                                                            American hard apple cider

Drinking hot apple cider is also delicious. You 21.) heat it to a temperature 22.) just below boiling, 23.) adding cinnamon, orange 24.) peel, 25.) nutmeg and 26.) cloves.
To really enjoy drinking cider, one needs to travel to Austurias or the Basque country and visit the local taverns eating the local "tapas"(small dishes of a variety of food) and drinking "Sidra" (apple cider). You will see that serving the cider is done in a very special way. Cider 27.) should be 28.) poured into a glass from a 29.) height of about three feet 30.) so as to enhance the natural qualities of this natural beverage.
31.) Of course, I wouldn´t recommend pouring the cider 32.) this way at home, or you´ll 33.) make a big mess.

1. Saying = dicho
2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away  = A diario una manzana es cosa sana
3. Apple ciders = sidra
4. Enjoying  = disfrutando
5. Beverage = bebida
6. Healthy  = saludable
7. Made up = compuesta.
8. Feeling of happiness  = sensación de felicidad
9. Tannin  = tanino
10. Therefore  = por tanto
11. Due to  = debido a
12. Such as = tal como
13. Kidney stones  = cálculos renales
14. State  =  afirman
15. Less deaths  = menos muertes
16. Pectin  = pectina
17. Compound  = compuesto
18. Bowel movements  = hacer popo
19. Bad breath  = mal aliento
20. While freshly pressed  = mientras recién prensado
21. Heat  = calentar
22. Just below boling  = justo antes de hervir
23. Adding cinnamon  =  añadiendo canela
24. Peel  = piel
25. Nutmeg  = nuez moscada
26. Cloves  =  clavo
27. Should  = debería
28. Poured = vertido
29. Height  = altura
30. So as to enhance  = para poder realzar
31. Of course = por supuesto
32. This way  = de esta manera
33. Make a big mess =  echarlo todo a perder

This song is by an Irish singer called Damien Dempsey and the song is called "The apple of my eye" = La niña de mis ojos 

Lyrics                                              Translation by ajm
Flying over the sea                              Volando sobre el mar
My guitar and me                                Mi guitarra y yo
Forty thousand feet                             Cuarenta mil pies
What a brilliant feat                            Vaya hazaña
Go west, don't go east                         Ir hacia oeste, no vayas hacia el este

A famine or a feast                             Una hambruna o un festín  
We're treated better there                   Nos tratan mejor allí
A homeless one is rare                       Uno sin techo es raro
I feel the city's lure                             Siento el aliciente de la ciudad 
The apple of my eye                        La niña de mis ojos
I cherish her                                      La aprecio
Everybody's here                                Todo el mundo está aquí

From all across the earth                De todo el planeta

Tongues and tribes galore                  Lenguas y tribus sinfín
There isn´t any war                            No hay guerra
I feel the city´s lure                            Siento el aliciente de la ciudad
The apple of my eye                        La niña de mis ojos
I cherish her                                      La aprecio
New York, New York,                    Nueva York........
I´m coming                                       Que vengo
"         "         "
"         "         "

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