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"The legend of the Bride´s Jump"  = La leyenda del salto de la novia
"This is a legend; it could be true or not. I´m sure there are a lot of legends in different countries about lovers = amantes. Take for example "Romeo and Juliet"

The river just in front of the1.) waterfall as you see in the picture below is called "The Bride´s Jump". You can see this waterfall if you go to the 2.) picturesque village of Navajas, a 45minute drive from the city of Valencia, Spain in the direction to Teruel.
You can go under the waterfall and feel the 3.) cool water falling and 4.) tingling you all over your body.. It´s an experience you won´t forget; the place is very beautiful and there are 5.) pools of clean water to have a refreshing 6.) dunk...especially in summer, but 7.) be careful as there are rather strong 8.) whirpools which can 9.) take you away.

There is a legend that says that many years ago, 10.) couples who were soon planning to 11.) get married, had to 12.) come down walking from the village to the Palancia river and the 13.) bride had to perform a curious ritual in front of all the people who were 14.) gathered and show that they were trully in love.
Once they arrived down to the river walking around twenty minutes, they arrived to several water fountains, and from there they 15.) followed a path that took them to the waterfall and the river. In front of the waterfall the rivers 16.) narrows out, and there in front of everybody the bride has to make a jump and 17.) safely reach the other side of the 18.) bank.
If she 19.) was able to land on the other side, it proved that the couple would have a happy 20.) marriage and that she  was really in love with her 21.) husband to be.
If the bride didn´t 22.) succeed in jumping to the other side, it meant that their marriage wouldn´t 23.) work, they wouldn´t be happy and had to 24.) break off their 25.) engagement.
Of course during many years this tradition caused terror among all the couples, especially the brides who were really 26.) afraid and felt they weren´t strong enough to make the jump.
One day something very tragic ocurred to a couple who wanted to show their love to everyone. People were 27.) anxiously waiting for the bride to jump.
As she was 28.) getting ready to jump, she 29.) tripped and 30.) fell into the river and was 31.) sucked under by the very strong 32.) current of a whirlpool.
Seeing what had 33.) happened, her boyfriend 34.) jumped into the water to 35.) save his bride, and he 35.) too was 36.) swallowed up and also disappeared into the 37.) depth of the whirlpool.
The legend says that during nights of 38.) full moon, you can hear the river sing a 39.) sweet and 40.) sad melody for having 41.) taken the 42.) bride and groom who were very much in love.

1. Waterfall  = Cascada
2. Picturesque =  Pintoresco
3. Cool  =  Fresco
4. Tingling  = Hormigueo
5. Pools  = Piscinas
6. Dunk  = Meterse en el agua
7. Be careful =  Tener cuidado
8. Whirlpool  =  Remolinos
9. Take away  =  Llevarse
10. Couples  =  Parejas
11. Ge married  =  Casarse
12. Come down  = Bajar
13. Bride  = Novia
14. Gathered  =  Reunida
15. Followed a path  =  Seguieron una senda
16. Narrows out  =  Se estrecha
17. Safely  =  Sin peligro
18. Bank  = Orilla
19. Was able to land  =  Pudo llegar (aterrizar)
20. Marriage  = Matrimonio
21. Husband to be  =  Futuro marido
22. Succeed  =  Tener éxito
23. Work  = Funcionar
24. Break off =  Romper
25. Engagement  =  Compromiso
26. Afraid  =  Miedo
27. Anxiously  = Ansiosamente
28. Getting ready  =  Preparándose
29. Tripped  =  Se resbaló
30. Fell into  =  Se cayó dentro
31. Sucked under  = Succionada debajo
32. Current  =  Corriente
33. Happened  =  Ocurrido
34. Jumped into  =  Saltó dentro
35. Save  =  Salvar
36. Too  = También
37. Depth  =  Profundidad
38. Full moon  = Luna llena
39. Sweet  =  Dulce
40. Sad  =  Triste
41. Taken  =  Llevado
42. Bride and Groom  =  Novia y Novio

                          Monument of the groom = novio holding his dead bride = prometida (novia)

Later if you want to have a coffee or an ice-cream, you can go to the main square = plaza principal,
and sit down next to this Elm tree = Olmo, which has been here for around five hundred years

This is a beautiful and very romantic sad song sung by James Blunt called "Goodbye my lover"  = Adiós mi amante

Lyrics                                      Translated by ajm
Did I disappoint you                    Te decepcioné  
or let you down?                          o te defraudé'
Should I be feeling guilty            Debería sentirme culpable
or let the judges frown?              o permitir que los jueces fruncir el ceño?
'Cause I saw the end                   Porqué vi el final
before we'd begun,                      antes de empezar
Yes I saw you were blinded        Cuando vi que estabas cegada
and I knew I had won.                y sabia que había ganado
So I took what's mine                 Así que tomé lo que era mío
by eternal right.                           por derecho eterno
Took your soul out                       Saqué tu alma
into the night.                               a la noche
It may be over but it                    Puede que se haya acabado pero
won't stop there,                          no parará allí
I am here for you if                     Estoy aquí para ti si
you'd only care.                           solo te importaría
You touched my heart                Tocaste mi corazón
you touched my soul.                 Tocaste mi alma
You changed my life                   Cambiaste mi vida
and all my goals.                         y todas mis metas
And love is blind and                   Y el amor es ciego y
that I knew when,                        que lo sabia cuando
My heart was blinded by you.     Me corazón fue cegado por ti   
I've kissed your lips                     He besado tus labios
and held your hand.                     y cogido tu mano
Shared your dreams                     Compartido tus sueños
and shared your bed.                    Compartido tu cama
I know you well,                           Te conocía bien
I know your smell.                       Conocía tu olor
I've been addicted to you.           He estado adicto a ti
Goodbye my lover.                      Adiós mi amante
Goodbye my friend.                     Adiós mi amiga
You have been the one.               Tu has sido la única
You have been                              Tu has sido

the one for me.                             la única para mi 
I am a dreamer and                     Soy un soñador y
when I wake,                                cuando me despierto
You can't break my spirit –         No puedes romper mi espirito-
it's my dreams you take.            son mi suenos que te llevas 
And as you move on,                   Y cuando sigas tu camino
remember me,                              Recuerda me
Remember us and                        Recuerda de nosotros y
all we used to be                          todo lo que éramos antes
I've seen you cry,                        Te he visto llorar
I've seen you smile.                    Te he visto sonreír 
I've watched you                         Te he visto
sleeping for a while.                     dormir un rato
I'd be the father                            Sería el padre 

of your child.                                 de tu hijo
I'd spend a lifetime with you.      Me pasaría toda la vida contigo
I know your fears                         Conozco tus temores
and you know mine.                     y se que eres mía
We've had our doubts                   Hemos tenido nuestras dudas
but now we're fine,                       pero ahora estamos bien
And I love you,                              Y te quiero
I swear that's true.                        Lo juro que es verdad 
I cannot live without you.            No puedo vivir sin ti
Goodbye my lover.                        "                  "           "
Goodbye my friend.                       "                  "           "
You have been the one.                Tu has sido la única
You have been the one for me.    Has sido la única para mi
And I still hold                                Y todavía sujeto
your hand in mine.                        tu mano en la mía
In mine when I'm asleep.             En la mía cuando estoy durmiendo
And I will bare                                
Y dejaré descubierto
my soul in time,                             mi alma con el tiempo 
When I'm kneeling                        Cuando esté arrodillado

at your feet.                                    a tus pies
Goodbye my lover.                         Adiós mi amante
Goodbye my friend.                        Adiós mi amiga  
You have been the one.                  Tu has sido la Única
You have been                                 Tu has sido

the one for me.                                 la única para mi
I'm so hollow,                                   Estoy tan vacío

baby, I'm so hollow.                        nena, estoy tan vacío
I'm so, I'm so,                                  Estoy tan, Estoy tan  

I'm so hollow.                                  Estoy tan vacío
I'm so hollow, baby,                        "            "           "

I'm so hollow.I'm so,                       "            "           "
I'm so, I'm so hollow.                      "            "           " 

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