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337. Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot is also called “EARTHING”….or “Connected to the earth.
Basically, “EARTHING” means walking barefoot on grass, land, sand, stones and on wooden or tile floors in your house.
It is good for our bodies to walk barefoot due to the relationship we have with the electrons of the earth and our bodies.
The planet Earth has its own natural charge, therefore we will feel better when we are in direct contact with it.

Studies show that walking barefoot is good for our

health because:

-It can reduce the electrical activity in the brain
-Improves glucose regulation
-Reduces stress
-Boosts immunity
-Helps to sleep better
-Reduces inflamation
-Improves blood circulation
-Removes toxins
-Reduces the risk of cancer
-Prevents diabetes

When your feet are in direct contact with the earth, the electrons from the earth will drain negative energy from your body.
Your body absorbs electrons from the earth through the soles of your feet when walking barefoot.

This energy is a very potent antioxidant helping you to have a healthy mind and body. 
Remember, we are electrical beings.
Our body regularly produces positive charges which can oxidize and harm us if it is excessive.
We have at least 100 watts or more of electricty flowing through our body, therefore, too much electricity can be bad for us.

One good way to regulate excess electricity is “WALKING BAREFOOT” ….and let the EARTH cure us.
If you live near the sea or a river, try walking barefoot in the water.

"It works wonders"


barefoot = descalzo
means = significa
grass = hierba
land = tierra
stones = piedras
wooden or tile floors = suelos de madera o gres
due to = debido a
earth = planta tierra
charge = carga
therfore = por tanto
feel better = sentirse mejor
show = muestra
health = salud
Brian = cerebro
improves = mejorar
boosts = incrementa
better = mejor
blood = sangre
removes = quita
drain = consumirá
through the soles =  a través de las plantas
healthy mind = mente sana
electrical beings = seres eléctricos
harm = dañar
at least = por lo menos
flowing = fluyendo
one good way = una buena manera
let = dejar
if = si
it works wonders = hace maravillas 

The Police sing "Walking on the moon"

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