martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015


I applaud the decision of the local Valencian government to limit the speed limit to 30 kilometers per hour in the city center.

They are "on the right track".

It is a good idea to limit the speed limit of cars in the Valencian historical city center.
The second step to limit the amount of cars.

In the end, this is the best idea.

There are many reasons why:
-The center is a closed area, so there is practically no wind circulation.
- In the summer it is very hot. The more traffic, the hotter it gets.
-There is too much pollution due to gas fumes.
-There are too many cars.
-There is too much noise.
-There is too much traffic.
-People are more uptight and stressed when there is so much traffic and noise.
-The buildings are dirtierIn fact everything is dirtier.
-People get irritated.
-Tourists will probably complain of the noise when they are having a coffee, lunch or dinner in the many terraces in the streets.
-The Paz street should be closed to traffic.
-This street should only be used by cyclists, pedestrians and electric taxis and buses.
-This way people will slowly walk and go into the many shops in this street and buy more things.
-There will be more coffee shops and restaurants where people can sit outside.
Many European cities are limiting the amount of cars in the city center….so why not Valencia? 

-On the right track = en buen camino
On the right track es una expresion que se usa mucho. La palabra "right" significa correcto, justo, bien y derecha.
La palabra "Track" significa via (tren), rastro, pista y rastrear
-Step = paso
-Amount = cantidad
-In the end = al final
-Best = mejor
-There are = hay
-Closed = cerrado
-The more traffic, the hotter it gets = Cuanto mas trafico, mas calor hace
-Too much = demasiado
-Fumes = gases
-Noise = ruido
-Uptight = agobiado
-So much = tanto
-Dirtier = mas sucio
-Everything = todo
-Complain = se quejan
-Should = deberia
-This way = de esta manera
-Slowly = lentamante
-Go into = entran
-Outside = fuera

En esta cancion de Lady Gaga, ella usa la expresion "on the right track"

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