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216. Podemos...Have they lost their marbles?

The other day I was watching television and I saw a video which really surprised me.
I saw Mr Iñigo Errejon of Podemos lifting his fist in the air saying more or less; "Long live Chavez"
First of all, I was rather perplexed he said that. In fact, he "blew my mind".
I then started to ask myself has Mr. Errejon "lost his marbles".
What does Podemos really want, and most importantly, what kind of government do they believe in; and if they make Spain a better country for its citizens? 
I don´t think Venezuela is exactly a good example of a free democratic country.
I have always thought of Venezuela as a dictatorship and where there is very little or no freedom of speech.
It is also said that Venezuela is the most corrupt Latin American country.
The most important thing for any civilized country is to have a democracy where there is equality, no repression at all, very little unemployment,and where people are happy with their lives and proud of the country they live in.
Anyway, I´m just confused why there is a connection between Podemos and Venezuela.
It seems, the news about Podemos being connected to Venezuela has already been talked about in newspapers and on television for a long time.
It´s very likely that if you don´t agree or dare to speak against the government, you will end up in prison or killed.
It´s very easy to lose one´s marbles. Politicians always promise a lot of things and say only those things people want to hear......but in the end it´s all blablabla.
I do agree that it´s good to have alternative political parties with fresh ideas, and who really and honestly are thinking about people and all the problems they have.
The problem is if they are truly honest. It´s so easy to be corrupted. There will always be easy money, so it´s easy to fall into the trap. In fact what Spain needs is a solid coalition of honest people working for the people to accomplish positive things:

1. Attract foreign companies by giving them a tax break in order to create jobs
2. Women must earn the same salaries as men
3. More investment in new technolgies and in scientific research
4. Improve the educational system
5. Improve the state health sysyetm

At the moment, Spain is lacking in equality. There are a lot of people who have earned a lot of money in this crisis, and there a lot of people who have lost their jobs, can´t pay the mortgage and don´t have much money to live.
It´s not fair that there are a lot of people receiving huge salaries, or have a lot of money stashed away in a fiscal paradise, and there are a lot other people working for peanuts.
It´s time to make a better future for the new generations to come, if not, we will all "lose our marbles". 

La expresion de "LOSE ONE´S MARBLES",  significa: "faltar un tornillo, perder la chaveta", estar chiflado y faltar un verano. Marbles en realidad significa "canicas" y tambien "Marble" en singular = Márbol" 
Un ejemplo:
- You quit you job! Have you lost your marbles?  = Has dejado tu trabajo! ¿Te falta or tornillo o que?
  Es muy común decirle a alguien en inglés:
"Have you lost your marbles"? = ¿Te falta un verano o que? / ¿O te falta un tornillo o que?
- Fist  = puño
- First of all = primeramente
- Rather = bastante

Otra expresion: "He blew my mind" : Me dejó de piedra / Me quedé alucinado
"Mind" significa mente
Tambien se dice: "You´re out of your mind"  = Estás loco
- Proud = orgulloso
- At all = en absoluto
- Anyway = de todas formas
- Just = simplemente
- There is = hay
- News = noticias
- Has already been = ya ha sido
- Likely = probable
- Dare = atreverse
- End up = terminar
- Feeling = impresion
- In the end = al final 
- Truly = verdaderamente
- In fact = de hecho
- Accomplish = llevar a cabo
- Must earn = deben ganar
- Improve = mejorar
- Lacking = faltar
- Mortgage = hipoteca
- Fair = justo
- Stashed away = escondido
- Huge = enorme

Y otra expresion: "Working for peanuts" = Trabajar por una miseria
En realidad, " Peanuts" significa cacahuetes

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  1. HI Alan!
    You´re absolutly right!!!
    the only thing we need is honesty
    Thank you for being here