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180.) Prueba tu nivel de inglés

Prueba tu nivel de inglés

 Escoge la palabra correcta en la frase: Ver solución abajo

1. I am (at / in) home.
2. He (are / is) silly.
3. Susan is (of / from) Scotland.
4. We (are / is) very happy.
5. We (haven´t / don´t) have any money.
6. (Do / Are) you work?
7. No, I (am not / don´t).
8. (Do / Are) you doing this exercise?
9. (Are / Do) you read the Levante newspaper?
10. (Will / Do) you go to New York next month?
11. Some people ( is / are) stupid.
12. It is (rains / raining).
13. Call (my / me) tomorrow.
14. This is (me / my) car.
15. (Is / Are) you sad?
16. Did you (buy / bought) any clothes yesterday?
17. Everyone (are / is) here.
18. I  (am going to / will) go to Madrid tomorrow.
19. (How much / How many) money do you need?
20. The car (cost / costs) three thousand euros.
21. I´m (in / at) home waiting for the painters.
22.  Peter is a teacher (like / as) me.
23. (How long / How much time) are you living in Spain?
24. Susan gets up very (soon / early) to go to work.
25. I´m taller (that / than) my brother.  
26. We were waiting for you (since / for) an hour.
27. Have you (saw / seen) Marta?
28. We are going to Rome. (We too / So are we)
29. (There is / There are) a lot of work.
30. I need a car (to / for) go to work everyday. 
31. He is older (than / that) I thought.
32. Don´t worry. (Everything / All) will be fine.
33. They (are / have) very hungry.
34. Juan doesn´t have (no / any) time to study.
35. I think this book is (too / too much) difficult to read.
36. You are (more tall / taller) than me.
37. Susan is a friend of (mine / me).
38. You speak English very (well / good).
39. This is the (cheaper / cheapest) car we have.
40. Would you like (some / any) apple pie?
41. It´s a good idea to (put down / write down) new vocabulary in your notebook.
42. (Shall / Are) we eat Japanese food today?
43. I (will / would) go if I could.
44. Look at that (tall /high) tree.
45. (I am / I have) so hungry. 

Enjoy listening to Elvis.... the king of Rock y Roll singing 'Return to sender' =Devolverlo al remitente

1. at
2. is
3. from
4. are
5. don´t
6. Do
7. don´t
8. Are
9. Do
10. Will
11. Are
12. raining
13. me
14. my
15. Are
16. buy
17. is
18. am going
19. How much
20. costs
21. at
22. like
23. How long
24. early
25. than
26. for
27. seen
28. So are we
29. There is
30. to
31. than
32. Everything
33. are
34. any
35. too
36. taller
37. mine
38. well
39. cheapest
40. some
41. write down
42. Shall
43. would
44. tall
45. I am

-Si no tienes una falta o como mucho cinco, en hora buena y vas en buen camino para hablar en inglés. Tu nivel será de un B1. (pre-intermedio)
-Si solo tienes entre seis o ocho faltas, no está mal y ya deberías poder mantener una conversación básica en ingles y un nivel A2 (Elementary)
-Si fallas entre nueve o once, tienes que repasar la gramática y un nivel A1 (Basic)
-Más de doce, hacer un buen repaso haciendo mas ejercicios de gramática y un nivel A1.

Bajaros la "duolingo" en tu Smart o tablet para aprender o repasar tu inglés. Me dicen que es muy didáctico y divertido

La app."Wlingua" está muy bien porqué también explica la gramática 

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  1. Me ha quedado una duda sobre las frases 6 y 7. Yo pensaba que se decía "do you work?", y lo traducía como "¿Trabajas?", pero si es "are you work?", ¿Qué significa?
    Muchas gracias

  2. La primera pregunta, como es correcto? I am home. No es I am at home???? me quedo con la duda

    1. Si, tienes razón. Era error mío. Hay que elegir entre at y in.
      Y se dice...I´m at home....para decir donde estás.
      pero....cuando llegas a casa, se dice..."I´m home"...para decir ya estoy en casa