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398. WOMEN

What would a man do without their better half …… a WOMAN?

guess men would go crazy, all of them would be gay and the world would be empty and die.
Therefore, thank God that there are women to love, have fun with, learn from them and give birth to our children to make life a better place to live in.
They are as important as men and must be treated equally…but of course, this is not true in many countries and cultures.
Men can at times be motherfuckers and treat women terribly.
Why must a woman be mistreated and perhaps even killed?
This is not a normal behaviour in any civilized country.
 You have to be crazy to think about killing a human being!
Anyway, and to change the subject, there are studies which say that the woman´s brain has thicker  cortices than men.
Thicker cortices are associated with higher scores on cognitive and general intelligence tests.
Thus, women are smarter in many ways.
They are smarter in learning languages.
There are so many famous women writers such as Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Agatha Christe , and of course J.K. Rowling.
Marie Curie was the first and only woman to win the Nobel twice in two different sciences.
One of her famous quotes is: “One never notices what has already been done, one can only see what remains to be done” = “Nunca nos fijamos lo que ya se ha hecho, solo nos podemos fijar en lo que queda para hacer”
In Spain, things have changed in respect to women in this society, but there are still so many things to be done, as Marie Curie says in her quote.
Obvioulsy, women must receive the same salary as men when they have the same studies and know how.
Why should a woman be discriminated just beacuse she´s a woman and thus get a lower salary  than a man.
It doesn´t make any sense at all.
Of course, one of the main reasons in Spain for the huge gap between men and women is the influence of the Catholic church for many years.
Spain has always been a very Catholic and religious country.
The civil war and Franco´s regime made it very difficult in the process of women´s emancipation.
In that time, women were not allowed to open a bank account.
It was practically impossible for women to study or work for so many years.
Their job was mainly limited to only take care of the children and the household  chores.
But of course, things have changed a lot since then.
March 8, 2018 is the day women workers in Spain participated in International Women's Day with an unprecedented strike targeting gender inequality and sexual discrimination.
Their slogan was: If women stop working, the world stops.
And yes. On that day practically everything stopped.
So, let´s once and for all finally stop women discrimination and treat them as equal to men.

Remember: "A woman is the better half of a man"
Como habeis visto aparece unas cuantas veces la palabra “WOULD” (wud)
Se pronuncia como la palabra madera = wood (wud)
Would es un verbo auxiliar que se ponde delante del verbo principal para formar una frase condicional.
would like to travel more  = Me gustaria viajar mas
Where would you like to go? =  ¿A dónde te gustaria ir?
would go to Greece  = Me iria a Grecia
Tambien sale la palabra “Should” (shud)  = deberia
Should es un verbo modal.
Companies should pay women the same salary as men in the same jobs =  Las empresas deberian pagar a las mujeres el mismo salario que los hombres en el mismo trabajo
You should try to improve your English  = Deberias intentar mejorar tu ingles.
Hay otro verbo modal:
Must (mast)  = deber (obligacion)
It´s late. I must go  = Es tarde. Debo irme
You musn´t smoke here  = No debes fumar aquí
must study for the exam  = Debo estudiar para el examen
Men and women must be equal

Would = haria
Without  = sin
Better half = mejor mitad
Guess = supongo
Would go crazy  = se volverian locos
Would be  = serian
Therefore  = por tanto
Better  = mejor
There are  = hay
Have fun  = divertirse
Give birth  = dar a luz
As important as  = tan importante como
Must  = deben
Of course = por supuesto
At times  = aveces
Motherfuckers  = hijos de puta
Must  = deben
Perhaps  = quizás
Even  = incluso
Behaviour  = comportamiento
Mistreated  = maltratada
Behaviour  = comportamiento
Anyway  = de todas formas
Subject  = tema
Brain  = cerebro
There are  = hay
Thicker cortices  = cortex mas gruesa
Higher scores  = resultados mas altos
Thus  = por tanto
Smarter in many ways  = mas listas en muchas maneras
So many  = tantas
To be done  = para hacer
Such as = tal como
Win  = ganar
Quotes  = frases
Notice  = fijarse
Already  = ya
Still  = aun
So many  = tantas
Know how  = conocimiento
Should  = deberian
Just  = simplemente
Lower  = mas bajos
Than  = que
It doesn´t make sense at all = no tiene sentido en absoluto
Main  = principal
Huge gap  = enorme diferencia
Between  = entre
Always  = siempre
In that time  = en aquellos tiempos
Allowed  = permitidos 
So many  = tantos
Mainly  = principalmente
Take care  = cuidar
Household chores  = trabajos domesticos
Strike  = huelga
For once and for all  =  de una vez por todas
John Lennon canta "Woman"

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