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384. Reading text:The Arrogant Lion

The mighty Lion woke up and felt like walking across his territory to have a look and see what was happening on his land.
He walked with his head held up high and roared very loudly so that everyone would know that the king and sole owner of the land had arrived to claim allegiance from everyone.

As the heat was rather stifling, the lion made its way to a nearby river to quench his thirst and of course not worrying at all that anyone would ever think of defying him.
While heading to the river, the lion came across a huge deadly cobra and asked it: 
“Tell me, who is the king of the jungle?”
“You without any doubt my master” answered the cobra as it began to flee as fast as it could in order to escape from the lion´s anger.

On arriving to the river, the lion saw a powerful twenty foot crocodile who was sleeping in a pool of muddy water.
The lion sacred the shit out of the crocodile and asked it: “Who is the king of the jungle?”.
Why the hell are you asking me that? You know very well that it´s you, my king”

The lion continued on his journey and saw that up ahead under a tree was the biggest elephant the lion had ever seen.

And of course the lion asked the elephant the same question.
Instead of pleasing the lion as the other animals had, the magnificent elephant wound its trunk around the mighty lion and threw him against a tree with a loud thump.
More surprised than hurt, the lion said; “Okay, I understand why you did that, but there´s no need to get so angry simply because you don´t know the answer”

The moral is that this often happens in everyday life.
There are people who are very arrogant. They think they are the cream of the crop and they believe that they are always right, but if someone thinks differently….. it´s always the other people who are wrong.

Mighty  = poderoso
Woke up  = se despertó
Felt like  = le apetecia
Have a look = echar un vistazo
Head held up high  = cabeza bien alta
Roared = rugió
Allegiance  = lealtad
As = como
Rather stifling  = bastante sofocante
Quench  = saciar
At all  = en absoluto
Defying  = desafiar
Heading  = yendo hacia
Came across  = se cruzó
Flee  = huir
In order to  = para poder
Scared the hill = le pegó un susto de muerte
Why the hell = porque diablos
Wound = enroscó
Trunk = trompa
Threw him = lo lanzó
Thump = golpe
No need  = no hay necesidad
Get so angry  = enfadarse tanto
They are always right = siempre tienes la razón
Wrong   = equivocados
Moral  = moraleja
Cream of the crop  = creme de la creme 

The Tokens sing " The Lion sleeps tonight"

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