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377. Problems of sleeping with another person

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner 'can increase the risk of depression, heart disease and stroke'
Sleeping separately could be better for your health
Snoring, fighting for the blanket and being pushed out of bed by your bed mate are all too common woes for anyone who’s ever shared a bed with a partner, romantic or otherwise.

For some people in long-term relationships, occasionally having a bed to yourself is a secret guilty pleasure, but according to new research, you may not have to feel so guilty after all.
In a study by the University of Leeds and Silentnight, it has been discovered that 29 per cent of people blame their partners for why they can’t get a good night’s sleep.
“Almost a third of Brits say they can't get a good night's sleep because they are disturbed by their partner,” sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan said.

Few couples have the same bedtime routines or sleeping habits, and it’s no secret that lack of sleep results in bad moods and lack of focus, but it also results in an increased risk of  health problems including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
There are times that some people go to bed earlier than their partner because he or she has to get up very early, and of course you turn off the light because you feel sleepy.
But an hour later, your partner goes to bed and turns on the light to read or perhaps even watch televisión, and most likely wake up the person who was sleeping and maybe even get angry.

But it’s not worth breaking up over: a recent study by LM Research found that those of us in happy relationships sleep better than singletons or those in unhappy relationships, as they feel secure and less anxious. 

So what can you do? A goodnight kiss is a good place to start, with 71 per cent of those studied reportedly sleeping better as a result and 36 per cent admitting their sleep would be disturbed if they didn’t get to kiss their partner goodnight. "Sharing a kiss with the one you love before bedtime can help eliminate the stress of the day," said Dr Ramlakhan.
And it seems the old adage of never going to sleep on an argument may hold some truth: 70 per cent of us sleep better after saying ‘I love you’ to our partners, whether that’s in the same bed or separate.

Getting a good night´s sleep is what everyone wants. If not one will very cranky and stressed the next morning.

A nice song to listen to called "Sleeping at last (por fin) - I´m gonna be


snoring  = roncar
pushed out  = echado
bed mate = pareja
woes = problemas
partner  = compañero
according  = segun
may  = puede que
blame  = culpar
lack  = falta de
bad moods  = mal humor
turns on = enciende
most likely = mas probable 
get angry = enfadarse
breaking up =  separarse / romper
adage  = dicho
cranky = cascarabia

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