domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016


A young man called Samed went to see the village wise man to ask him what he should do to achieve certain things in life.
The wise man simply looked at him but didn´t answer him.

The young man went to see the old man many times, but the wise man was still silent and didn´t say a word.

However, one day the wise man said: "Come with me".
They went to a nearby river and the man went into the water with Samed.
When they reached where the water was deeper, the man held Samed by the shoulders and the young man sank deeply into the water.
Although Samed was trying with all his might to come to the surface, the old man kept him underwater a few minutes more, until finally the old man let Samed loose.

Samed´s head came out to the surface and he quickly began to take deep breaths and fill his lungs with precious air.
The wise man then asked Samed: "when you were underwater, what was the only thing you desired the most"?
"Air, I just wanted air", said Samed".

"Didn´t you desire riches, great pleasures, power, money or love when you were underwater", the old man asked the young boy.
"No, I only wanted one thing....AIR", Samed said.

The old man then said, "remember the intensity of your desire to come out of the water to get AIR; because in order to reach your true objective in life, you must want it with the same intensity as when you desired AIR.
"Search deep down inside of you to find what you really want in life"

Furthermore, it must be your only wish night and day.
Now you realize that precious AIR is the only thing which will keep you alive
and not only thinking about how much money and materialistic things you will buy. Without AIR, you will die very quickly.

If you have a deep realistic desire for something, put all your energy into it, and I promise you that you will achieve what you want in life without any doubt,", the wise old man said to Samed. 

wise man  = sabio
should = debería
still  = todavia
however = sin embargo
nearby  = cercano
went into  = entraron
reached  = llegaron
deeper  = mas profundo
held  = sujetó
shoulders  = hombros
sank = undio
although  = aunque
might  = fuerza
loose = solto
came out = salió
deep breaths  = bocanadas
lungs  = pulmones
just  = solamente
riches  = riqueza
get  = conseguir
in order to  = para poder
true  = verdadero
must  = debes
deep down  = en lo mas profundo
furthermore  = ademas
realize  = te das cuenta
keep you alive  = mantendrá con vida
achieve  = lograr
without any doubt  = sin lugar a duda

Clint Black sings "Breathing air"

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