martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

369. Simply walking

Simply walking

Simply walking
thinking to myself
as I walk along the street 
people going everywhere
I wonder where in such a hurry
so many people walking in the street
that I often need to look at my feet
to make sure I´m still alive
and then suddenly someone smiles at me
Wow, someone sees me
as I feel the sun on my face
it feels so good
leaving me a lasting trace
to walk to the beach
and sit on the sand
looking at the calm sea
as the seagulls fly over me
feeling the cool water 
smelling the sea breeze 
as I get up to walk on the wet sand
leaving footprints as I walk
simply walking
thinking to myself
another day to live and love
and feel the sun above 

pensando a mi mismo
mientras ando por la calle
la gente yendo por todos los sitios
me pregunto porqué tanta prisa
tanta gente caminando por la calle
que a menudo necesito ver mis pies
para asegurarme que estoy vivo
y de pronto alguien me sonríe
jolin, alguien me ve
mientras siento el sol en mi cara
sienta tan bien
dejándome una huella duradera
para andar a la playa
y sentarme sobre la arena
mirando la mar en calma
mientras las gaviotas vuelan sobre mi
sintiendo la agua fresca
oliendo la brisa del mar
mientras me levanto para andar en la arena mojada
dejando huellas mientras ando
simplemente andando
pensando a mi mismo
otro dia para vivir y amar
y sentir el sol sobre mi
copyright 2016 alanmoliner
Police sing "Walking on the moon"

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  2. I'm glad you like it. Have a great day

  3. HI Alan,
    I am really happy because I PASSED my exam yesterday. I have already got my B1.
    thanks a lot.
    I am going to keep on studying, so I will follow you.


    1. Very good Carol.You passed the B1 exam. The next step, B2.
      Remember, it´s very important to read books in English. Find an interesting book in your level. Write down (apuntar) new vocabulary, especially "PHRASAL VERBS", like the phrasal verb "WRITE DOWN". Also try to watch films in English and listen and to listen in English.
      And of course, practice your speaking. Perhaps you can go to some coffee shops and speak with native speakers, and also do grammar exercises and translations to improve in the use of English.

  4. I also can see you have improved because your writing is much better