lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015


caterpillar was walking towards a big mountain when he came across a grasshopper.

The grasshopper asked him , “Where are you going”?
The caterpillar answered him as he was walking: “I dreamnt that I went up a mountain, and from the top I could see all the valley. 
I really liked what I saw, and so I have decided to climb the mountain”
The grasshopper looked at him and said, “You gotta be crazy!
How are you going to get there?  For you, a puddle of water is like a lake, and a rock is like an uncrossable hill”
The caterpillar paid no attention to the grasshopper and kept on walking.
Further ahead, a mole, a spider and a frog also told him that it was impossible.
“You will never be able to achieve your dream of reaching the top of the mountain”, they told the caterpillar.
Tired and exhausted, the caterpillar stopped to rest to build a safe place to spend the night.
“Tomorrow I will be better", he said to himself…..and then he died.
On finding out what happened, the animals of the valley went to see his dead body.
There on the ground lied the poor crazy caterpillar who had died to fullfill his dream while sleeping in his refuge.
Suddenly the refuge began to collapse and a beautiful butterfly came out and started to fly towards the mountain.
The grasshopper and the other animals then realized that they were very mistaken.
We must always try to achieve our dreams, and if we see that we can´t, perhaps we we should stop to make a radical change in our lives.
We must not forget that being successful in life is not measured by achievmentsbut by all the obstacles that we have had to overcome along the way.

Caterpillar = oruga
Came across = cruzó
Grasshopper = saltamontes
As = mientras
Dreamnt = soño
Went up = subia
Top = la cima
So = así que
Climb = escalar
“You gotta be crazy” = tienes que estar loco
Get = llegar
Puddle = charco
Uncrossable = infranqueable
Paid no attention = no le hizo caso 
Kept on = continuaba
Further ahead = mas adelante
Mole = topo
Spider = araña
Frog = rana
Be able = podrás
Safe place = lugar seguro
Spend = pasar
Better = mejor
Finding out = enterandose
Happened = ocurrido
Lied = tumbado
Fullfill = cumplir
Suddenly = de pronto
Came out = salió
Realized = dieron cuenta
Mistaken = equivocados
Must = debemos
Perhaps = quizás
Should = deberíamos
Achievements = logros
But = sinó
Overcome = superar

Way = camino

Miley Cyrus sings "The Climb"

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