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339. Listening Comprehension 1.

Hi! everybody. I´m Alan. Listen to me and see if you can choose the correct answer
(Ver respuestas abajo)

A ver quien acierta todas las respuestas 

1. a. I´m sick
    b. I slept badly

2. a. She´s going to work soon
    b. She can´t find a job

3. a. He´s angry about something
    b. He wants to eat something

4. a. The house they live in is too expensive
    b. They don´t have too much money

5. a. There´s a lot of traffic in the city center
    b. The city center is full of bars

6. a. He has already finished the book
    b. He´s still reading the book

7. a. It´s a quarter past two
    b. It´s 1.45

8. a. She´s doesn´t work 
    b. She has no time to study

9. a. It´s going to rain soon
    b. It´s a sunny day

10. a. They live on a noisy street
      b. They have noisy neighbours

11. a. She loves buying clothes
      b. She doesn´t have much money to buy clothes

12. a. His friend didn´t come
      b. He was waiting for the bus

13. a. He wants to go out
      b. He´s going to watch a movie at home

14. a. There wasn´t enough food
      b. They didn´t feel well because they ate too much

15. a. She´s already here
      b. Mary is on her way 

Listen to Simon and Garfaunkel sing "The sound of silence"



1.b  2.a  3.b  4.b  5.a  6.a  7.b  8.b  9.a  10.b  11.a  12.a  13.a  14.b  15.b

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