domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

223. "HEAT WAVE"

On Wednesday, May 13th 2015, the temperature in the center of Valencia, Spain reached 50 degrees C. Holy shit!!!

And this was only one day. Imagine if there´s a HEAT WAVE which lasts several days or a week. 

How much heat can a human being stand before suffering from heat stroke?
If you live in a warm climate where temperatures can go up very high, people can suffer from hiperthemia.
The normal body temperature for people is 36 or 37 degrees C.
People will suffer from heat stroke when the body temperature is higher than 41 degrees C.

Hiperthermia is a heat related illness. The most severe form of hyperthemia is heat stroke.
This happens when the body can no longer regulate its internal temperature.

The blood seems to boil and the brain says, “It´s so fucking hot”?
Children and people over 65 years old are very vulnerable to this high heat.

If you start feeling dizzy, you get red, disorientated, sweating, the heart starts beating faster, headaches, convulsions, cramps and begin to lose consciousness, you need urgent help.
When you start feeling these symptoms you had better find a cool place with air conditioning, lie down with the legs raised to improve circulation, drink a lot of water, put some cold bags with ice on your head and body.  
Avoid going to the beach when the sun is so hot and when you could probably fry on egg on your back.

And of course, don´t do any kind of exercise during the middle of the day when it´s so very hot.
That is simply…looking for trouble.


Holy shit = Dios mio
Heat wave = ola de calor
Lasts = dura
Stand = suportar
Warm = calido
Go up = subir
Illness = enfermedad
No longer = ya no puede
Seems = parece
Boil = hervir
Brain  = cerebro
It´s so fucking hot  = hace un calor de muerte
Over  = mas de
Dizzy = mareado
Get  = pones
Beating = latiendo
Headaches = dolores de cabeza
Had better = sería mejor
Cool  = fresco
Lie down = tumbarse
Improve = mejorar
Could  = podría
Fry = freir
Back = espalda
Of course = por supuesto
Kind = tipo / clase
Looking for trouble = buscando problemas
So very = tanto

Here is a video in English explaining what happens when you begin to suffer from heat stroke.

And, here´s another video called "I´m so hot"  = Tengo tanto calor

Just remember...keep yourself cool and drink plenty of water

Or simply sit in the water

Or even better....floating in crystal clear water in the sea

And of course.....eating ice-creams

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  1. I live in Valencia, it was really heavy.
    Yours sincerily.


    1. Oh yes Sergio...very very HEAVY to walk in the street and like being in an oven