lunes, 2 de febrero de 2015


There was a man who often got angry. He was so fed up with this situation, he decided to find a solution to his problem. His friend told him to see an old wise man who lived on top of a mountain and who knew everything about the human soul.
When the man climbed up to the mountain and stood in front of the wise man, he asked him, "I often suffer from rage attacks and it´s ruining my life."
"I know I have a strong character, so I ´d like you to tell me how I can change"
The wise man said, "I know what makes you angry". The next time you get very angry, I want you to come running to me climbing the mountain."
After some days, the man felt angry again, so he immediately went running up the mountain.
As the wise man lived on top of a mountain, it took the poor man an hour to climb to the top...and when he finally arrived, he wasn´t angry anymore because he was so tired.
A few days passed and he was angry once more. He climbed the mountain so fast that when he reached the top he dropped to his knees because he was so worn out.
The wise man then told him, "I think you´re pulling my leg". If rage was really part of your character, you could show it to me. Your rage engulfs you and then it leaves you"
Therefore, the solution is easy: "The next time rage takes control of you, simply ignore it.

- Got angry = enfadaba
- Fed up with = harto con
- Wise = sabio
- Soul  = alma
- Climbed up  = escaló
- Rage = ira
- I´d like  = me gustaria
- Makes you  = te hace
- Took  = tardó
- Top = cima
- Anymore  = ya no mas
- Once more  = una vez mas
- Reached  = alcanzó
- Dropped to his knees  = se cayó de rodillas 
- Worn out  = agotado
- Pulling my leg  = tomando el pelo
- Engulfs = asalta
- Leaves = abandona

Here´s a Song called "Angry all the time" = Siempre enfadado

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