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Hug es el verbo “abrazar “y como sustantivo “abrazo”
“Give me a big hug”  = Dame un buen abrazo


I´m sure many of you remember as children climbing a tree and holding on to a big branch so as not to fall down.

It made you feel so protected and safe.
That´s why cats love to climb trees.
If you were lucky to live in the country, your parents might have even built you a tree house.
Or perhaps just walking in a forest full of trees and feeling the silent beneficial attraction to the trees making you feel more peaceful.

But….have you ever thought of touching or hugging a tree?

Did you know that it´s good for you and it will make you feel better?

A lot of people also like walking barefoot, and earthing themselves around the house, on grass in a park or even better, walking along the beach because it releases all the extra dirty electricity accumulated inside your body as your feet touch the ground.

By hugging or touching a tree with both hands, you are also earthing yourself to the tree because you are receiving electrons from the earth which have antioxidant effects which will protect your body from inflammation and the bad energy stored in your body. 

As you touch with both hands or hug a tree, close your eyes, breathe slowly in and out and feel the tree absorb your negative energy. 
Simply be aware that at this very moment you are connected to the tree.
If you want, you can pretend you are doing a stretching exercise if you feel embarrased in the beginning.

As people know, walking barefoot releases all the dirty electricity and anxiety through your feet to the ground.
But in Taoism for example, a Taoist master will teach his students to meditate by hugging or touching a tree.
It´s a way of releasing negative energies inside of you.

The master explains that trees are natural processors that can help you transform your body´s sick or negative energy into positive vital life force energy.
As you connect your energy with the tree, you will improve your physical and emotional healing.
The Taoist theory is that because trees stand very still and are in direct contact with the earth, they are better at absorbing the Earth´s natural energy.

So, hug or place your hands on a tree and feel more alive and peaceful
Then...... hug a friend and give this person some positive vibrations.

As =   como
Holding on  = sujetando
So as not to fall down  = para no caerse
So  = tan
That´s why  = por eso
Might  = podrían
Even  = incluso
Just  = simplemente
Peaceful  = en paz
Ever  = alguna vez
Touching  = tocando
Hugging  = abrazando
Make you feel better  = hacerte sentir mejor
Barefoot  = descalzo
Earthing  =  tomando tierra
Stored  = almacenado
Breathe  = respirar
Aware = ser consciente
Releases  =  libera
Sick  = enfermo
Healing  = curando
Stand = estan de pie
Still  = quietos
So  = así que
Place = colocar
Alive  = vivo
Peaceful=  en paz


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