lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

344. Listening dictation 2.

First, listen to me say these short sentences in English and see if you can understand them.
Later, write them in English.
(See the solution below after the song) 

America sings "A horse with no name"


1. He doesn´t know what to do

2. Where did you say you´re from?
3. How long will you be away?
4. We´re all going to the party
5. I´m feeling better
6. Are your friends coming?
7. I often go by bike to work
8. Susan doesn´t like to go shopping
9. Some streets smell awful
10. My boss gives me a hard time (agobiar)
11. What time did you get up last night?
12. I like the way she sings
13. Can you do me a small favor?
14. They came late
15. We finally found the place

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