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Publicado: 12/05/2014

This article is for all the people who have good ideas and want to open a small business. 
These people are the true workers in the society, and  deserve to be helped by the government in the beginning.
They invest their money, time and hard work to make their business successful...and it´s not easy.  

As I was having my morning coffee, I was reading a newspaper article saying that Valencia, Spain now has 7000 new freelancers........because someone finally had a good idea.
 I wonder if this happens in other parts of Spain!
In the article it said that if someone wants to set up their own small business they will only pay a flat rate of 53€ to the social security during the next six months.............FANTASTIC IDEA.
Of course, we all know that it´s not so easy to set up a I hope that the adminstration is speeding up the process in order to get the necessary permits much faster.....and not pay so much in taxes.
The admistration must make it much easier to open a business in at least one week, so the business can open and start earning money.
Another thing which is very important..........THE ADMINISTRATION must revise the freelancer´s situation and see if the business is earning enough money to pay costs AFTER THE SIX MONTH PERIOD....such as rent, electricity, taxes, etc.
It´s not possible that after the six months, a freelancer has to start paying 261.00€ to the social security....."NO WAY". It´s not logical. It must be done gradually in accordance to his earnings.
So, I hope someone reads this ...................especially politicians who are really interested in doing something positive for Spain and íts people.

As = mientras
Freelancer = autónomo
Finally = por fin
Wonder = preguntarse
Happens = ocurre
Set up = montar
Flat rate = tarifa plana
Of course = desde luego
Speeding up = agilizar
In order to = para poder
Permits = permisos
So much = tanto
Must = deben
At least = por lo menos
Earning = ganando
No way = de ninguna manera
Hope = espero

tHE bEATLES  sing "A hard day´s night

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