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185. Jack - A short story

Es muy importante leer en inglés para aprender vocabulario y expresiones.
Anotar las palabras en un cuaderno pequeño y hacer tu propio diccionario.

Hacer diferentes apartados:
-Tiempos verbales
-Frases hechas / expresiones
-Verbos compuestos / "Phrasal verbs"

Jack woke up to the sound of the wind. He had left the window slightly open because it helped him breathe better.
He opened his eyes and the room was moving around and around, so he closed his eyes 
in order to to see anything and get dizzy.
Jack couldn´t remember how he got home. All he remembered was that he had gone out with his friends to a party, and everybody was drinking a lot. 
It was impossible to remember how many beers and gin tonics he had drunk.

He opened his eyes again, and suddendly he felt his body rise from the bed and float practically touching the ceiling all throughout the house ending up in the living room and gently falling on his huge couch
This always happens to him when he has a hangover.
He never has a headache. His body simply becomes very light and floats around the house.
He has to be very careful not to have the terrace window completely open.
One time last summer he arrived home rather drunk, but he hadn´t realized the window was completely open.

As it was so hot, he had layed down on the couch in the living room and fell asleep. 
He found himself floating high above the sea when he opened his eyes.
Luckily it was in the early morning and nobody was at the beach yet, so he made himself float to the beach and continue sleeping on the soft cool sand.
Jack isn´t quite sure why this happens to him, but he has a feeling he knows why. 

In fact, it all started when he was sixteen and he drank his very first beer. 
He and his friends were having a party on the beach in Malibu. It was a warm night and there was a full orange moon. He remembered that he had only drunk three beers.
When he woke up, all his friends were sleeping on the sand, but he was floating above the sea far away from the beach, so nobody could see him.
The strangest thing was that it wasn´t the Pacific ocean, but the beautiful quiet Carribean sea.
He gently floated down and when he was about two meters from the surface, he dived into into the blue transparent water.
Later he went for a walk along the warm soft sand, realizing he was the only person that was leaving footprints on the sand.

Jack isn´t sure why this happens to him, and especially when he drinks beer.
Lately though, he has been having dreams of the time he fell off his surfboard when he was a kid.
Jack loves surfing and he´s been doing it since he was ten. One very windy day he decided to grab his board and head for the beach.
The waves were at least twenty feet tall. A perfect day for surfing and there was nobody around.
As he was surfing the perfect wave, he saw something move in the water. He lost control and fell, being sucked in by the enormous wave.
When he woke up, he was floating high above the water.

Now that Jack is twenty seven, things have changed. He doesn´t have to drink so many beers anymore. He only needs to drink a bottle of his favorite beer which is Guniess, go to sleep and wake up floating in the sky above.
The best thing is that aside from just floating, he can now fly anywhere in the world by simply thinking where he wants to go.
He floats like a cloud and flies as fast as he wants. If he wants to go faster, he uses the wind.
One of his favorite places he loves to travel is Oahu, Hawaii and surf the giant waves.

Story by Alan J. Moliner

Woke up = despertó
Had left  =  había dejado
Moving around and around  = dando vueltas
In order to = para poder
Get dizzy = marearse
Had drunk  = había bebido
Gone out = salido
Ending up = terminado
Couch = Sofá
Hangover = resaca
Headache = dolor de cabeza
Drunk = borracho
Layed down = tumbado
Yet = todavia
Realizing = dándose cuenta
Grab = coger
Head = dirigirse
Sucked in = succionado
So many = tantas
Anywhere = cualquier parte
Loves  = encanta
The Corries sing "Over the sea to skye"

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