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                                                     "In God We Trust"   = En Dios Confiamos       
This is the official motto of the United States used on coins = monedas and paper currency = billetes. This motto first appeared on U.S coins in 1864 , and on paper currency in 1957.      
In God We Trust also appears on the flag of Florida, and curiously it is also the motto for the Republic of Nicaragua: "En Dios Confiamos"                           
                                                                             Flag of Florida

                                                                   One dollar bill = Un billete de un dolar
                                                                            One penny  = Un céntimo

Abraham Lincoln  (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in 1865

                                                                            Trolley car in San Francisco
                                  Copyright photograph by alan moliner
                                                   The shoeshine boy in downtown Los Angeles =  El limpabotas
                                            copyright:photo by Alan Moliner

                                                                          Resting in a park in Los Angeles 
                                          Copyright photograph by alan moliner
America is 1.) well-known for its equality, liberty, fraternity. Everyone is very 2.) friendly and informal. Children often call their parents by their first names and at work, subordinates do not normally use 3.)"Mister" when 4.) addressing their supervisors. To those visitors who come from a more rigid and stratified society, such 5.) casualness can be confusing, 6.) leading to terrible 7.) blunders. 8.) On the other hand, many  sophisticated Americans appear mortified because they feel America is not "civilized.
9.) However, we know of terribly 10.) embarrassing incidents from mistakes which only an innocent foreigner would have made.
Public 11.) displays of affection between the sexes are very common, 12.) unlike perhaps where you have come from. In many cities, especially San Francisco, homosexuality is an accepted way of life. You may 13.) therefore see men being affectionate with men and women with women. If you disapprove of homosexuals because of your religious or cultural 14.) beliefs, please keep it to yourself. You 15.) might even find yourself a 16.) guest in a gay person's home-and might become 17.) shocked to 18.) realize that your 19.) host is a normal human being like any other and that you are actually enjoying his hospitality. Many 20.) couples also live together without being married-and may never marry. But you must 21.) realize their 22.) bond is probably as strong as the bond of marriage. So don't think one of them is 23.) available for a "24.) date."
America is a notoriously "open" society, and to most 25.) foreigners, Americans often appear exceptionally and "instantly" friendly. But sometimes such 26.) openness can 27.) lead to serious 28.) misunderstanding, especially 29.) between men and women. A casual invitation to have drinks and or dinner does not 30.) mean that your American host also wants to go to bed with you 31.) afterwards. So be careful not to 32.) read too much into a friendly invitation.

1. Well-known  = conocido
2. Friendly  = amigable
3. Mister  = señor
4. Addressing  = dirigirse a
5. Casualness = informalidad
6. Leading  = llevandote
7. Blunders  = equivocaciones
8. On the other hand  = por otra parte
9. However = sin embargo
10.Embarrassing = embarazoso
11.Displays  = muestras
12.Unlike = distinto / diferente a
13.Therefore = por tanto
14.Beliefs = creencias
15.Might = podría
16.Guest = huesped
17.Shocked = asombrado
18.Realize = darse cuenta
19.Host = anfitrión
20.Couples = pareja
21.Realize  = darse cuenta
22.Bond = vínculo
23.Available = disponible
24.Date = cita
25.Foreigners =extranjeros
26.Openness = sinceridad
27.Lead  = llevar
28.Misunderstanding = malentendido
29.Between = entre
30.Mean = significar
31.Afterwards = después / mas tarde
32.Read too much = darle mucha importancia

This video is talking about the American dream. This man who is a famous comedian is making fun = burlandose of how in fact = de hecho, people and the government are completely controlled by the big multinational companies.
Watch this video to see how much you can understand...and there are spanish sub-titles

And this song was very famous during the Hippy Movement in the 1960´s  "If you´re going to San Francisco"
It is sung by Scot McKenzie

LYRICS                                                        Translated by ajm
If you're going to San Francisco                       Si te vas a San Francisco
Be sure to wear some                                     Asegúrate de llevar algunas
flowers in your hair                                          flores en tu pelo
If you're going to San Francisco                        Si te vas a San Francisco
You're *gonna meet                                          Vas a conocer 
some gentle people there                                 algunas personas amables allí

For those who come to San Francisco              Aquellos que vengan a San ..........
Summertime will be a love-in there                    El verano será una fiesta del amor allí
In the streets of San Francisco                         En las calles de San.............
Gentle people with                                           Gente amable con
flowers in their hair                                           flores en su pelo

All across the nation                                        Por toda la nación
such a strange vibration                                   una vibración tan extraña
People in motion                                             La gente en movimiento
There's a whole generation                               Hay una generación entera
with a new explanation                                    con una nueva explicación  
People in motion people in motion                    La gente en movimiento

For those who come to San Francisco              Para aquellos que vengan a San.......
Be sure to wear some                                      Asegúrate de llevar

flowers in your hair                                           flores en tu pelo 
If you come to San Francisco                           Si vienes a San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there                     Habrá una movida del amor allí
If you come to San Francisco                            "                "                "
Summertime will be a love-in there
* gonna: significa "going to" . En una manera de usarlo en canciones y la gente suele usarlo también

Igual pasa con "wanna" = want to = quiero
"I´m gonna visit my friend, but first I wanna buy her a book at the bookshop" 

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