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363. Not without my friends

An old man was walking with his horse and dog in the mountains.

Not without my friends
They were so exhausted that they didn´t even realize that they were already dead.
They simply continued walking along a steep path in search of water because they were very thirsty.
As they were walking, they saw a huge marble arch which led to a square where there was a fountain.
Before entering the square, they came across a guard in his lookout post.
The old man asked the guard what this place was.
The guard then answered: “This is heaven
“Thank God, said the old man. We will finally be able to drink some water”.
But then the guard warned the old man:
“Only you can pass and drink. Animals are prohibited from drinking water from this fountain”.
The old man wasn´t going to quench his thirst and drink from the fountain if his horse and dog were not allowed.
So they kept on walking until they came across an old gate where there was a farmer resting against a fruit tree.
The farmer saw that they were very tired and thirsty, so he invited them to drink some very cold fresh water from a fountain.
By the way, what is this nice place called?”, asked the old man.
“You are in heaven”, answered the farmer.
“That´s not possible. We have just come from there”, said the man.
The farmer laughed and then said: “No, that place is hell....and in fact they are doing us a big favor.
That´s the place where people stay who abandon their best friends”.

Even realize = no siquiera se dieron cuenta
Already = ya
Steep path = camino empinado
Were very thirsty  = tenian mucha sed
Huge marble arch = enorme arco de marmol
Led = conducia
Came across = se toparon
Lookout post = garita
Heaven = cielo
Finally be able = por fin podrán
Warned = advirtió 
Quench his thirst = calmar su sed
Allowed = permitidos
Kept on = continuaron
Gate = portón
Farmer = campesino
By the way = a propósito
Just = acabamos de
Hell = infierno
In fact = de hecho
Place = lugar
Stay = se quedan
Best = mejores

Video de musica country con la Letra de "My best friend"

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