miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

156.) A NEW DAY

A New Day

Waking up in the early morning
The light filtering in through the window
Thanking God for another day
There is nothing else I really need to know

Breathing to the smell of jasmin
The smell of pine all around
Knowing that something important is going to happen
In the distance the mountain high above any sound

The smell of freshness in the air
Is the moment of the morning I like best
Feeling the mountain breeze though my hair
Awaking in the morning after a good night´s rest

Sitting outside in the terrace drinking my herbal tea
Looking at the mountains before me 
I´ll let my spirit take me whereever it wants thee
Anywhere it wants as long as I am free

Flying high above the mountain peak
Contemplating the new day 
The blue sea in the distance not far away
Makes me want to continue to forever live and seek    

copyright 2013 alan moliner

Alicia Keys sings  "A new day"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L00Id3vXza0

martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

155.) The Native American Indians

The Native American Indians were a perfect example of people living in a community, and especially living off the land in perfect harmony with life.
The Native American Indians are a very important part of the culture of The United States; 
having lived on this land for thousands of years.
The men were hunters and warriors providing protection and food for the women and children.
The women took care of the children as well, farmed and were responsible for keeping everything in order in their homes.
The Indians ate natural food such as corn, beans, squash, fruits, nuts and also hunted deer, buffalo and fished.

The Cherokee Indians were the largest of Five Tribes who settled in the Southwest territory.
The Cherokees lived in cabins made of logs instead of living in tee pees.
They were a very relgious and spriritual people.
When the American revolution started, the Cherokees supported the British soldiers and even particpated in battles.
Today the largest population of Cherokee Indians live in the state of Oklahoma.  

The Blackfoot Indians lived in Montana and in Alberta, Canada.
Like the Apache, the Blackfoot were also great warriors. Their community was made up of between eighty to two hundred forty people.
Therefore, it was  big enough to defend themselves, yet small enough to move quickly if necessary.
The Blackfoot were nomadic because they followed the herds of Buffalo.
During the winter the Blackfoot lived close to rivers and in Spring they would move out into the grasslands in search of food.
Nowadays, the Blackfoot Indians are mainly ranchers and farmers.

The Apache Indians came from The Aslaskan region, Canada and some parts of the Southwestern United States.
It is said that they were one of the frist tribes to learn how to ride horses, and in fact became experts in horseback riding.
As the Apaches were defeated by the Comanche tribe, they were forced to move to New Mexico and Arizona.
They often fought battles against The Spaniards. After years of fighting, a Spanish leader agreed to give them lands in Texas. 

One famous and possibly the most powerful Native American Indian chief was Sitting Bull.
He was born in 1831 in South Dakota. Sitting Bull was a Teton Dakota Indian and chief of The Sioux tribes 

Watch this video about the history of The Native American Indians

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