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351. Reading:- YOUR BEST FRIEND

A young man went to visit Chuan Tzu to tell him about his problems.


“Dear wise philosopher. I´m so unhappy.
Can you please show me the way to happiness?”
“Well, before showing you the way to happiness, I need to know why you are so unhappy,” Chuan Tzu asked him.
With a heavy heart, the young man showed him his empty hands and said,
“I´m so sad because I don´t have anything”
“I don´t understand, said the wise man. What do you have there then?”
“Nothing, said the young man. Can´t you see my hands are empty?”
The wise man then said….”You have two hands. It´s not true you don´ t have anything”
The young man continued complaining and said that he didn´t have a house either.
“Tell me then…. Where do you live?”, asked the old philosopher.
“I don´t live anywhere, the young man said. I just told you that I don´t have a house.”
“That´s not true. You live in your body, Chuan Tzu told him. Your body is your true house.”
The young man finally said, “I´m sad because I feel so lonely ”.
“Then tell me….Who do you live with,”? asked Tzu.
“I don´t live with anyone. I don´t have a wife.
Didn´t I just tell you that I´m alone,?” the young man said.
“You live with yourself, said Tzu. You are your best companion and friend you will ever have”
“Your body is your house and you live in it.
“I don´t have to show you the way to live”.
“You have everything you need to be happy”

Wise = sabio
Way = camino
Asked = le preguntó
So = tan
Heavy heart = gran pesar
Sad = triste
Empty = vacias
Complaining = quejándose
Either = tampoco
Anywhere = en ninguna parte
Just = acabo de
True = verdadera
Finally = por fin
Feel = siento
Lonely = solo
Anyone = nadie
Yourself = tu mismo
Best = mejor
Ever = jamás

The Turtles sing "Happy together"

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