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The expression Talk a blue streak, means to talk a lot.
In Spanish, people say “Hablar por los codos”
Of course you don´t say “Talk by the elbows”

This is the best way to improve your English. Talk a blue streak.

So, to talk a blue streak one needs to read, listen and speak a lot in English.
If you know an average of 2000 words, then it´s possible.
In fact, that isn´t very much.
Simply talk about anything in an English conversation group.

It is very important to read novels in English to build up your vocabulary.
You should write down vocabulary words in your special little notebook, when you are reading a book, an English study book,  a newspaper, or even watching a film in English.
You can also watch videos in English.
It is also a good way to learn a lot of common and popular expressions.
Use the new words in a speaking conversation group. It´s fun.

Nowadays, it is very important to speak English if you are looking for a job.
English is the number one language in the business world.
Speaking English  also comes in handy when you are traveling to different countries, or you want to study a course abroad in English.
A B2 level (upper-intermediate level) is now required.

English is an easy language to learn.
All you need to know are only five important verb tenses:
-Present simple
-Present continuous
-Past continuous
-Past simple
-Future simple and Going to (futuro planeado)

-So, first it´s important to learn the most common irregular and regular verbs in the present and in the past.
-It´s  important to learn vocabulary words and some expressions.
-It´s also important to understand some basic grammar rules.

Here´s an easy English conversation:

A.Hi Lola. What are you doing?
B. Good morning Peter. I´m painting the kitchen.
A. Do you want me to help you?
B. That is very nice of you Peter.
A. I will finish my breakfast, and arrive in twenty minutes.
B. Great. Later when we finish, I will invite you for lunch
A. Do you want me to bring anything?
B. By the way. Do you have any brushes?
A. Of course. I painted houses when I was a student.
B. Really! I didn´t know that.
A. Yes, It was a good way to pay for my books.
B. Yes, I know. Medical books are very expensive.
A. Lola, I will be at your house in twenty minutes.
B. Ok, Peter. I´ll make some cold lemonade.
A. By the way, Lola. I´m going to have a party.
Do you want to come?
B. Yes of course. Ok. See you later  

Talk a blue streak = hablar por los codos
Best = mejor
Improve = mejorar
Means = significa
A lot = mucho
Of course = por supuesto
So = así que
Know = sabes
In fact = de hecho
Build up = incrementar
Should write down = deberias apuntar
Even = incluso
Fun = divertido
Nowadays = hoy en dia
Looking for = buscando
Comes in handy = practico
Abroad = extranjero
Very nice of you = muy amable por tu parte
Great = fantastico
By the way = a propósito
Of course = por supuesto
Brushes = brochas
Really! = de verdad!
Good way = buena manera
See you later = hasta luego

Here is a video in English to practice your listening

Listen to Bruno Mars sing, "Talking to the moon"

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