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I was reading the news in The Levante newspaper that the Valencian local government is going to take measures to solve the big problem of exceeding the speed limits in many streets and avenues and causing terrible accidents.
Imagen - Jesus Signes

They are going to install radars in some problematic avenues, as well as cameras when drivers jump red lights.
A lot of people drive "way too fast" and therefore, there are more accidents, especially on avenues such as Blasco Ibañez,  Los Naranjos and the Puerto Avenues.
The speed limit is 50, but drivers often drive much faster than that.
The other main problem are the motorcycle drivers. 
There are motorcycles which easily reach 80 kilometers per hour or a lot more on many avenues.
At this speed it´s very easy to run over pedestrians who are crossing the crosswalk, or even crash into another car because it´s impossible to stop at that speed.
The main cause of accidents in Valencia is because people drive way too fast.
This was the case when a crazy motorcycle driver was going at 103 kilometers per hours in Benicalap.
The driver lost control and crashed into a terrace killing an older woman and injuring 16 people.
People from other parts of Spain and tourists say that Valencian drivers are too agressive when they drive.
They constantly change lanes to go as fast as possible.
Drivers always seem to be in a big hurry to go somewhere and don´t respect the speed limit.

La palabra “Way” tiene muchos significados:
En el articúlo donde pone “way too fast”, way se usa para dar mas enfasis al adjetivo usando too.
It´s way too hot = Hace un calor de mil demonios / Hace un calor infernal
I´m sorry. It´s way too expensive = Es demasiado caro (muy caro)
It´s way too far = Está demasiado lejos (muy muy lejos)
I´m way too tired to drive  = Estoy demasiado cansado para conducir

Otos usos de la palabra “WAY”
That way = por alli
It´s a long way = es un largo camino
On my way to work = de camino al trabajo
I´m on my way = Estoy de camino
Don´t go out of your way = no te tomes muchas molestias
Am I in your way? = ¿Te estorbo?
It´s that way = es en esa direccion
There is no way of knowing = no hay modo de saber
There are many ways = hay muchas maneras 
One way or another  = de alguna forma o otra

Finally = por fin
News = noticias
Exceeding = sobrepasando
As well as  = ademas de
Jump = se saltan
A lot of = muchos
Way too fast = demasiado rapido
Therefore = por tanto
Main = principal
Easily = facilmente
Run over pedestrians = atropellan peatones
Crosswalk =  paso de peatones
Crazy = loco
Crash = chocan
Main = principal
Crashed = chocó
Lanes = carriles
In a big hurry = tienen mucha prisa
Somewhere = algun sitio

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