martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011


Important Vocabulary / Grammar Constructions & Expressions

I´ll see you later
Te veo después
The more you read the better
Cuanto mas lees mejor
I won´t be able to go
No podré ir
Let me know right away
Avísame enseguida
Can you do me a favor?
Puedes hacerme un favor?
I wish I could help you
Ojala pudiera ayudarte
If I were you I wouldn´t call him
Yo que tu no le llamaría
Sooner or later
Tarde o temprano
You should call them
Deberías llamarles
He told me he didn´t know anything
Me dijo que no sabia nada
I´m still not ready
Aun no estoy listo
She said she would come later
Ella dijo que vendría mas tarde
Can you speak Japanese?
Sabes hablar japones?
We have half an hour left
Nos queda media hora
It´s raining cats and dogs
Esta lloviendo a cántaros
It might rain this afternoon
Puede que llueva esta tarde
This will be a lot more expensive
Esto será mucho mas caro
By any chance
Por casualidad
I don´t have as much time as you
No tengo tanto tiempo como tu
I already spoke to them
Ya hablé con ellos
Do you mind calling later?
Te importa llamar después?
I forgot to turn the light off
Olvidé apagar la luz
Look up the word in the dictionary
Busca la palabra en el diccionario
I wouldn´t mind going
No me importaría ir
What are you looking for?
Que estás buscando?
How long does it take?
Cuanto tarda?
How far is the shop?
A que distancia está la tienda?
How often do you do sport?
Con que frecuencia haces deporte?
What´s your new boss like
Como es tu nuevo jefe?
By the way
A propósito
I called you but you weren´t in
Te llamé pero no estabas
Are you still working?
Aún estás trabajando?
I´ll see you in a few days
Te veo dentro de unos días
I´m going away for a few days
Me voy fuera por unos días
As far as I know
Que yo sepa
I just spoke to her
Acabo de hablar con ella
It doesn´t matter
No importa
I don´t care
Me da igual
Can I make an appointment?
Puedo pedir hora?

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011


Here´s a game go you can do when you´re bored or on a rainy day and you´re going to just stay home and do whatever you want. "HAVE FUN"
Try and see if you can shut in the cat
(copy and paste) = copiar y pegar
When you copy and paste this, a page opens; click on GAMEDESIGN flash game and free game
Click on ENGLISH
As you see there are  lot of games to play: You will see the cat game called: "Chat Noir"

Game = juego
Bored = aburrido
Rainy  =  Lluvioso
Just  = simplemente
Stay = quedarse
Whatever = lo que
Have fun = que te diviertas
Try  = intentar
Shut in  = encerrar
                                          "Do you see the cat? Photo by a.moliner

After the game you can listen to "The cat in the hat"by Dr. Seuss