domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011


   "Spring is in the air"  
  "La primavera la sangre altera"

To start...some fantastic guitar music "Entre dos aguas" by Paco de Lucia to get ready for spring and start cooking and eating

It´s Sunday. It´s a sunny day and you can 1.) feel that spring is in the air. It´s time to start making lunch over
a fire and today we´re going to make Fideua, a typical dish from Valencia, Spain.
Valencia is a really nice city on the Mediterranean Sea a 2.) little over 400 kilometers south of Barcelona.
It´s not 3.) such a big city and it has a lot of coffee shops in the street because the weather is usually 4.) mild and sunny.
It´s a nice city to 5.) ride a bike because there are bike 6.) lanes that take you 8.) everywhere, 9.) all the way to the beach.
You can also ride along a 30 mile bike way along a 10.) dry river bed made into a park and it´s in the center of the city.
One of the traditional 11.) dishes of Valencia is the Fideua 12.) apart from the famous Paella.
It´s very easy to make Fideua and you can even make it in your kitchen cooker. You need a a round paella 13.) pan as in the picture. This paella pan is for about 6 persons.

1. 14.) Add about 5 spoonfulls of oil to the paella pan and 15.) fry the large 16.) shrimp

2. 17.) Take out the shrimp after frying for about 15 minutes
 3. Add 18.) chopped onions and 19.) garlic to the pan and fry until 20.) golden brown.
     21.) Then add paprika and fresh tomato sauce and mix
     Then add small pieces of 22.) cuttlefish (sepia in spanish) and fry for about 5 minutes as in the picture
4. Add 23.) small half-moon fideua shaped noodles or mid-size spaghetti the 24.) size of a fingernail and mix
5. Add about 4 25.) glassfulls of noodles and mix
   6. Then add double of hot water - 8 glassfulls. Add salt to your 26.) liking. 27.) Not too salty
   7. 28.) Let it boil for about 5 minutes and then add shrimp and 29.) mussels as in the picture
  8. Let the water evaporate, boiling between 5 to 8 minutes and be 30.) careful not to 31.) burn the food
  9. The finished dish 32.) should look like this

 Umm. 33.) looks good and tastes even better. I hope your fideua 34.) comes out okay.
 There´s a "saying" = "dicho" in english "Practice makes perfect" = La practica hace el maestro
 If you want to try the real thing and 35.) enjoy the hospitality of the Valencian people and Mediterranean
 food, Valencia is waiting for you and remember to eat Paella and Fideua with spanish wine; but that´s only  the  beginning.... there´s a lot more to do eat and drink in Valencia, the city of light.

1. sentir
2. un poco mas
3. ciudad tan grande
4. suave
5. montar
6. carriles
7. todas las partes
8. hasta
9. río seco
10. platos
11. ademas de
12. sartén
13. añadir
14. cucharadas
15. freír
16. gamba
17. sacar
18. cebolla picada
19. ajo
20. dorado
21. entonces
22. sepia
23. pasta de media luna
24. tamaño de una uña
25. vasos
26. a tu gusto
27. no tan
28. déjalo hervir
29. mejillones
30. cuidado
31. quemar la comida
32. debería parecerse como
33. parece buena y el sabor incluso mejor
34. sale
35. disfrutar

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